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University Degree: Larkin

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  1. An interviewer once remarked to Larkin that" Your favourite subjects are failure and weakness" How far do you agree that failure and weakness are favourite subjects in the 'Whitsun weddings'.

    This describes Mr bleaney's room but can also refer to Mr Bleaney's coffin. Larkin goes on to describe the room, 'Flowered curtains, thin and frayed'. The curtains seem to become Mr Bleaney himself. The overall sense of chilliness and dreariness which comes from the room extends to Mr Bleaney himself, whom we imagine to be thin, shivering and isolated, with little protection from the outside world and the "frigid wind" which better fitting curtains might have provided. This lack of protection shows the failure in Mr Bleaney's life. Larkin goes on to talk about Mr Bleaney's 'strip of building land'.

    • Word count: 839
  2. Critical evaluation of High Windows by Philip Larkin

    He used plain speech to address his readers and the themes that run throughout the collection concern themselves with references to the past and future and to the generation gap that existed between Larkin, as a middle-aged man and the younger generation that he observes around him. In the poem "High Windows" he begins by examining the s****l freedoms of the younger generation and compares it with his own lack of opportunity. For Larkin the young have been granted "paradise" by the advances in contraception that was developed in the 1960's.

    • Word count: 797
  3. With reference to "The Telephone Call" and "Telephone Conversation" discuss and compare the effectiveness of the poet's choice of form, style and use of poetic techniques in order to convey their messages.

    This is clearly shown with the comical line of "You mean - like plain or milk chocolate?" When reading this for the first time, we are amused by this comparison; however, working on a different level, we can appreciate the critical sarcasm that Soyinka conveys towards the ignorance of the white landlady. Soyinka's humorous sarcasm is also seen when the man says "West African sepia" and "Down in my passport." The landlady is then described as having a "Silence for spectroscopic flight of fancy". This is quite critical and mocking the landlady because we realize that she tries to imagine what color "West African sepia" is, without realizing the sarcasm of the man's words.

    • Word count: 901

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