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AS and A Level: Case Studies and Analysis

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What is corporate social responsibility?

  1. 1 This is where businesses behave in a way that is seen as being ethically acceptable and beneficial to all stakeholders including the wider community.
  2. 2 An example would be a commitment to only buying raw materials from fair trade suppliers. This may raise costs so the business is being socially responsible and not buying from the cheapest source.
  3. 3 Sceptics may say that the business only behaves in a socially responsible way for the publicity they get from it.
  4. 4 This may be the case but it still makes it in the best interest of the business to be socially responsible. Think of other benefits to a business e.g. in the motivation of staff, the long term profit.
  5. 5 The free market view would be that the business only has responsibility to its owners (the shareholders) and anything which raises costs in the interest of social responsibility will be passed onto customers in higher prices anyway.

Top tips for analysing a business

  1. 1 Internal sources of information about a business will include the company accounts, press releases, company website, adverts etc. Remember who is writing them and why. Treat them with some scepticism.
  2. 2 External sources of information include Wikipedia, newspaper articles and internet sites.
  3. 3 Consider why a business has taken a particular course of action. What are its corporate objectives? What are its competitors doing? Is this a response to external or internal factors?
  4. 4 When evaluating use comparisons with previous time periods, with competitors and with its declared objectives.
  5. 5 Be prepared to question. Do not take what a business says uncritically. You may not know the real situation but questioning issues will still be worth marks.

Five things you need to know about stakeholders

  1. 1 Stakeholders are any individuals or groups that have an interest in or are affected by the activities of a business. These include shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government and local community.
  2. 2 Most businesses will need to take into account the interests and needs of the different stakeholder groups when making decisions. The relative strength and influence of the different groups may be reflected in the final decision.
  3. 3 When analysing a business you may need to consider the effects of any course of action on all the stakeholders. The effects will differ.
  4. 4 Stakeholder groups will usually have different interests that a business must resolve e.g. employees will want fair pay and job security while shareholders will want low costs.
  5. 5 Be prepared in your analysis to point out the winning and losing stakeholders. Some people criticise the whole stakeholder concept and say that businesses are only really interested in satisfying the shareholders.

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  1. The mobile telephone market has transformed and changed radically over the past five years. The mobile telephone market total value has increased by 153.3% between 1997/1998

    Competition is also expected to continue to increase in result to the continue globalisation of the industry and a progressive convergence with other new technologies. Besides, this offers mobile telecommunications operates the potential for new markets and new consumers demand, however also the threat of competitor technologies falling business. The mobile telephone market has changed rapidly since 1997 since the value has increased by 149.5% and also four digital networks being rolled out. Between 1997 and 2001, the value of the total market increased from �2.75bn to �6.89bn, an increase of over 149.5%.

    • Word count: 1087
  2. starbucks customer service

    At Starbucks they expect to serve both old and new customers of a variety of ages, race, and professions. This is due to the multi culturism in Qatar. The impact in which the customers have on the business is that they keep it running. Also if they have good positive customers it makes the staff happier to be working there. Therefore they give a better customer service. If the customers are negative then the staff may not be as inclined to be friendly to the customer due to the fact that they don't in return.

    • Word count: 10098
  3. Richer Sound Distribution

    After Purchasing have ordered an item, the supplier or their transport company telephone our Logistics department to book in the delivery. We then complete a booking form which gives details such as: * the date and time of the delivery * the supplier * the type and volume of goods being delivered. This is faxed to Purchasing for authorisation. After Purchasing has agreed the delivery, the date and time is confirmed with the supplier or Transport Company. A copy of the booking form is sent by fax and e-mail to TwoWay - the company which does all our storage and distribution.

    • Word count: 1354
  4. Business plan for international restaurant on campus

    24 Q. 8 How much do you agree with the following characteristics regarding your experience in EHB? 24 Graphic 1: I like the food I eat 25 Graphic 2: Average levels of satisfaction 25 Q. 9. How much on average do you pay for a meal in EHB? 26 Q. 10. Please state any other thoughts about your experience in EHB that you would like to express 26 Q. 11. How important are the following characteristics when choosing a place where to eat? 27 Q. 12. What kind of food do you prefer? 28 Q. 13. Would you buy international food if it costs no more than other food types?

    • Word count: 8583
  5. The use of software to aid decision making.

    We will be using various different Microsoft Office Packages and below are some main advantages: 1. When we purchase we can use any product at any time and can also use them all at the same time. 2. We can also use the programmes to complement one another for example we can create tables in Microsoft excel and then analyse them in Microsoft Word. 3. all the programmes are very easy to use and once we know how to use the rest but even then if there is any problems there is a little Microsoft helper of every package to guide and give advise on questions: Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel): A spreadsheet is an array of rows and columns whereby data can be added.

    • Word count: 2313
  6. e effectiveness of the recruitment processes

    This was very time consuming as, we did not summarise the job roles briefly. Also if we had kept the job description as over 4 pages, we realised we would not get many applicants, as few people would read a job description with so many pages. Also due to the specific job roles in the job description, potential applicants will not apply for the job as they might have been fearful by the amount of job roles there are. We can improve our Job Description by maybe shortening the job roles stated on it.

    • Word count: 1826
  7. Zara case study. Zaras Objectives, Strategies and Problems.

    An interesting and successful strategy used by Zara is the market orientation, a strategy that involves an implication of the resources, information and employees in order to create superior customer value that will increase the awareness of the brand without using advertising, therefore lowering the costs. As for the branding architecture, Zara is a house brand having tree collections categories, each of them personalized: Women (Zara Women, Zara Basics, Trafaluc), Men (Men's line, Zara Basics, 100 Zara, Zara Sport) and Children Wear.

    • Word count: 1837
  8. The Wall Street Crash of 1929

    The two USA presidential figures in the 1920's were Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Both these presidents seemed to give the same response to the crisis stating that it was not their job to intervene with any matters related to the markets. Before the Crash, some Americans predicted that the Crash was coming however most American Investors simply laughed at these people calling them outrageous pessimists. Others called the forecast of a Crash in the USA a scam and said that these people knew little about investment and simply wanted to scare investors so they sold investments at a smaller price that possible.

    • Word count: 821
  9. Bally Total fitness case report.

    The analysis provided is based on our evaluation of evaluate Bally's current business strategyies, company structure, finances and operations, and the existing management team. to identify the cause of its corporate governance problem. We will strive to provide Management with a set of possible alternatives that we feel will Our team will find alternatives to improve Bally's business strategy, increase their stock-price, restore shareholders confidence in the company, and improve their itsimage with the various stakeholders of the company image in front of the public (prospective members).

    • Word count: 1670
  10. A2 Business Project - Aims, Objectives and Summary

    I will use questions aiming at finding out about the four key areas, otherwise known as the 4 p's. These are: * Product - The actual goods or services that need to be focused on * Price - Are the prices reasonable at the moment and how could they be improved? * Place - Is the business situated in an ideal place? * Promotion - Is the business taking reasonable steps to promote themselves? If I have time I will also make a questionnaire for the employee to find out whether she is satisfied with her job and also what she thinks of the extra work load she will be given if Resham Mehal does diversify.

    • Word count: 812
  11. How does Toyota Prius gain from Globalisation

    Customers were unsure with the service that it would provide and were happier buying the usual. The Prius wasn't mass produced which also made the costs of production too high, and that meant that Toyota were not able to cut prices and pass savings onto their customers when the demand was low. The creaming/skimming pricing strategy was used to maximise profits, so that the initial cost of research and development could be covered and because the product was innovative customers could not see what the price of similar products were in the market and therefore had to pay the price that Toyota charged.

    • Word count: 2730
  12. How does globalisation affect businesses across the world

    and also benefit from economies of scale. Most global businesses use market development because they same the same product in a new market, global businesses can use diversification but it is more risky. This also allows them to increase sales and profits. They also have a wider range of suppliers which the business can choose from. This gives global businesses more power as it allows them to bargain with suppliers and they maybe able to decrease the cost of raw material.

    • Word count: 886
  13. Viagra. As Pfizer had spent a heavy R&D on Viagra and to make sure the success of it preceding its competitors, it had to think of ways to outperform them and always maintaining itself in the leading position and profitability.

    The following symptoms had been identified: * Rivals such as Bayer/Glaxo and Eli Lilly have come out with their own products and compete direct with Pfizer's Viagra. * Pfizer was not able to meet its sales target with Viagra. * Pfizer could not get an endorsement for coverage under insurance coverage. * Patent issue, whereby it patent on Viagra is expiring in year 2019. Therefore, the problem statement identified is, how should Pfizer strategize itself in marketing, in order to compete in ED via Viagra.

    • Word count: 2952
  14. Case study of The Jollibee Foods Corporation

    Lumba became Tony Tan's first business and management mentor. Lumba next re-formed the name Jolibe to Jolly Bee and made the two words form a single name Jollibee, but changed the "y" to an "i". The Jollibee mascot was conceptualized by Lumba inspired by local and foreign children's books. Lumba next created the product name "Yumburger" as well as the name "Chickenjoy". He had the company incorporated in order to benefit from incorporation and leased a house on Main St.

    • Word count: 2131
  15. Business case study investigating in people AS2 managing business resources

    3) Three methods of external recruitment that u insure ltd could use in order to hire staff to work within the customer call centre are advertising in newspapers and magazines. This is the most common way of externally advertising a vacancy. Another method would be the training and employment agency. This agency has an office which is run in major towns by the government. These offices display jobs on the windows and the inside walls of the office. People who seek work are encouraged to come in.

    • Word count: 875
  16. Free essay

    customer service functions

    However customer service department will vary on the size of the business, as if it is a sole trader than, the owner will handle customer service, as well as his other duties. If it is a large business then, there will be departments, such as marketing or sales department dealing with customer service, however the entire company will have to work together in order to have repeat sales and customers coming back. Whose Responsibility is it? In a small business like sole trader, it is the owner responsibility, and the people who are working for him.

    • Word count: 3034
  17. internal customers

    there main needs are clear signs so they can see where they have to go, we should always provide them with rest areas so they do not have to stand up for a long time, because they can feel dizzy. Older people also have difficulties in walking, so it would be a good idea, if there are escalators so they do not have to use the stairs, and there should be lifts, so that if some one is on the wheelchair, then they don't have a problem.

    • Word count: 2476
  18. Customer Service

    is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. According to Turban et al, 2002, "Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation." Its importance varies by product, industry and customer. As an example, an expert customer might require less pre-purchase service (i.e., advice) than a novice. In many cases, customer service is more important if the purchase relates to a "service" as opposed to a "product".

    • Word count: 2260
  19. Proctor & Gamble, Inc. (Scope Case)

    Decision Alternatives and Objectives 1. Do nothing. This will cause an increased risk in the long term position of Scope. Competition may take away sales from Scope, and newer differentiated and uniquely positioned products will eventually take away sales. However, this may avoid strategies that may potentially backfire or are too risky. For example, if current consumers get confused or if there is a big flop, money is wasted. There are many uncertainties and a lot of risk. 2. Creating a new line or product for Scope.

    • Word count: 2612
  20. Business Studies coursework

    Inner City Rural Q9. If you had a thoroughly enjoyable and easy experience buying a car from a garage would you consider buying your next car there? Certainly Very Likely Undecided Unlikely Not at all Q10. How old would you expect a used car to be when spending the amount specified in q2? Less than 6 months 6 -12 months 12-18 months 18-24 months More than 24 months (please specify)______________ Q11. How many miles would you expect the car to have driven when spending the amount specified in q2?

    • Word count: 3455
  21. Comparison of the Honda & General Motors in terms of internationalisation theory

    Given the configuration of the ownership, location and internalisation (OLI) advantages facing a particular firm, the extent to which firm believe that foreign production is consistent its long-term strategy. But many researchers had given critics to Dunning's framework, such as Itaki (1991) stated that the basic concept underlying the eclectic theory of the multinational enterprise are currently being criticized by the internalised theory, in that the 'ownership advantage' is double accounting. * The Uppsala model is one of the theories describing the internationalization process of firms.

    • Word count: 3345
  22. China Business Opportinuty

    Due to current instability in financial markets many banks have faced bail-out by government regulators this was a result trigged by defaults on subprime mortgages in the US. (Benink & Kaufman) Hence there was a need to strengthen the supervision of institutes that pose a potential risk to the stability of the financial system. The Chairman of FSA (Financial services authority) said that monitoring was not effectively conducted on the banks by regulators in the US (P Larsen). In Today financial system it is clear that banks need to set international framework for capital reserve.

    • Word count: 2002
  23. Caso: The Body Shop

    Introducci�n En los �ltimos a�os se ha visto una tendencia creciente en los gastos per c�pita hacia productos que repercutan en el bienestar personal. El envejecimiento de una poblaci�n con mayor ingreso disponible, una acelerada preocupaci�n por tratamientos anti-edad y la importancia que cobran las acciones preventivas en el cuidado corporal son factores que hacen del sector de cosm�ticos uno de los m�s din�micos. No es novedad que los nichos de mercado se han ampliado y cada vez adquieren una mayor diferenciaci�n.

    • Word count: 7197
  24. Customer Complaints

    They do this in order to find out their strength and weaknesses. So therefore will improve in the areas which they think they are doing bad and stay the same in areas which they are doing well and do not need to be improved Primary Research This is when new data are gathered directly from consumers. For example questionnaires. Homebase will employ market researchers to ask questions of the public in face-to-face interviews, either in place such as shopping centres or door-to-door. The purpose of doing these is to find out the need and wants of customers and what they think of a particular product.

    • Word count: 830
  25. Financial Feasibility of Opening A Business

    1. To conduct secondary research in to the levels of competition for such an idea. This will involve secondary research in to the market share, size and the current market trends. My aim to produce results for this piece of research will be done in one basic step. My plan is to use the Belfast Central Library system to access the Mintel information website. This site will provide me with large amounts of information on the market. Evidence shown on the site includes facts and figures detailing the size of the current market, as well as explaining what percentage of people drink certain types of alcohol, giving me a clear indication to which drinks e.t.c are popular amongst my target market.

    • Word count: 13091

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