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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Compare and contrast the Functionalist and Marxist views of society.

    5 star(s)

    Functionalism was developed by Emile Durkheim, he believed like Comte that sociology should be viewed as a precise science and that society should be studied objectively. Durkheim placed an enormous amount of emphasis on social facts which he saw as ways of acting, thinking or feeling that are external to individuals and have their own reality outside the lives and perceptions of individual people. This is known as the macro approach, which places a great emphasis on the structure of society and how an individual operates with that society.

    • Word count: 949
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Youth is just a biological stage" evaluate this claim

    5 star(s)

    All these things tend to happen no matter their influences. However, youth is not just a biological stage and although children grow physically their minds also, nowadays it appears that youth may be more related to ?transition? and change. Transition basically means a period of change from one stage to the next and it can be defined differently in different cultures. Many cultures have special ceremonies to recognize these significant times, often known as ?rites of passage?. Some examples of ?rites of passage? include Jewish boys and girls having a bar mitzvah at the age of 12 or 13, during this time they will learn more about their religion and prepare for their future as a Jewish adult.

    • Word count: 988
  3. Marked by a teacher

    All crime would be solved with longer prison sentences. Evaluate the arguments for and against.

    4 star(s)

    in prison, you can't commit crime (unless it�s against their fellow prisoners), therefore having criminals in prison must reduce the number of committed crimes and the longer they are in prison the longer they can�t commit crimes for.   Another reason why introducing longer prison sentences would help solve all crime is, because it helps reform criminals, teaching them many skills, which will hopefully help them when they are released from prison and help them prevent committing further crimes. It also helps reform them through rehabilitation and giving them the change to receive an education and gain qualifications.

    • Word count: 602
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Deviance is relative. Evaluate this term

    4 star(s)

    An obvious act is lawbreaking. Killing someone, for example, is seen as horrific, but it is not always seen as deviant. For example in self defence. Someone could be a victim of an armed robbery and might stab the burglar in defence. Murder would be seen as okay by most people as it is a form of self defence. Also, soldiers fighting in the war might kill lots of soldiers on the opposition, but even though they have killed people soldiers are still deemed ?heros? by society and their act of killing people is not seen deviant as that is their job and what they are expected to do.

    • Word count: 666
  5. Marked by a teacher

    Essay on Alienation

    There may even be the Alienation from the family due to marital constraints and the child is compelled to make the choice of which person they will stay with, this makes them feel alienated from the other parent as they might like both as both might have their advantages and disadvantages. This might also lead to being abused by the parent as the child is basically being isolated or tries to avoid the parent the only person they have learnt to love due to them fearing because they might be ridiculed or abused, they feel the compelling sensation to lock themselves up or just hide away and not meet their fears.

    • Word count: 829
  6. Marked by a teacher

    Childhood in crisis - pressures on today's children.

    In the present system of society and education, nobody takes the responsibility of the child's wellbeing. Parents think that it is the responsibility of the teachers, because child stays in the school for six hours a day. While teachers are of the view that it is the duty of the parents, because the children belong to their parents, and in future the children will come to any use only to their parents and families. (Swain.R, n.d, retrieved from http://www.publishyourarticles.org/knowledge-hub/essay/essay-on-childhood.html ) As nobody is much concerned about the children thinking and attitude, the levels of depression and antisocial behavior in children have increased dramatically in modern societies.

    • Word count: 794
  7. Peer reviewed

    Assess the values on sociological research of value free sociology, value laden and committed sociology.

    3 star(s)

    Positivists also refer to social facts. These are the statistics obtained from surveys and official publications. According to O'Connell Davidson and Layder the personal views of the researcher are never relevant in sociological research, and they point to the accuracy of opinion polls on a range of subjects to display the accuracy of their surveys. A second group of sociologists believe that weather objectivity is desirable or not, it can never be achieved within sociology. They are known as value laden sociologists. They also claim that sociologists who argue that the subject is value free are doing it a dis-service.

    • Word count: 834
  8. Social class is the way of grouping people together according to the jobs they do. The government use the Register Generals table of social class

    Children might also go to a private school or a normal school that's close to home which means this will be good for their interlectual development. The disadvantages might be that children might get neglected and feel like they're not getting enough love from parents. Skilled non manual - Manager, Teachers, nurses All these careers in this category are highly skilled and are highly paid also. Children in these families might live in a big house with a garden to play, they might have a healthy diet which again is good for the physical growth of the child, they might

    • Word count: 971
  9. The riots in 2011 were a reflection of Britains broken society. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    The reason why their child is on the streets, looting and causing trouble, is because they have not taught their children the right thing to do from young age. Also, it could be argued that the riots showed how bad mannered the children in the society: they are selfish because they do not care about how their looting is affecting everyone else; they are thoughtless in not caring about their own future and just want luxury which will only be for a short while, and they are disrespectful because they are not respecting other people's rights and not being respectful to even their own parents, by not listening to them.

    • Word count: 867
  10. Divorce has been one of the causes of the change in the Bahamian family structure. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons to support your answer.

    The greatest lie that drug addict might believe is that his/her actions have no effect their families and the people around them. The family members are in fact deeply affected when a parent or child abuses drugs. The situation either can create a hostile and fearful home environment for the entire family or an environment where the family lacks communication and is distant from each other. Whether the drug abused is alcohol, a narcotic or street drug, or a prescription drug, there are effects on the family.

    • Word count: 497
  11. How does social pressure affect the family?

    This is the main cause of unemployment. Being unemployed the parents now struggle to support their families. The parents are faced with the task of feeding, clothing, and sheltering their family. The only way the parents can provide for their families is by making money. Because there is no employment in the home, the parents are not able to provide provisions for their families. This can cause many things to happen to the family; homelessness, divorce etc. Domestic Violence; also known as abuse is also a very common social pressure in the Bahamas.

    • Word count: 849
  12. . The cultural values of an individual have a deep impact on their attitude towards life. However, some cultures have gender inequality and their beliefs clash with law and superstitions, and so impair our identity

    The sexes are strictly separated in public and women are required to have compulsory male guardians who show dominance by having the female walk a few paces behind. However, it is just a matter of time until these women, too, become emancipated. For the moment, they may have to hide behind their apron strings but their society will catch up with the rest of the progressive world. Hopefully then, they can be free from the yoke of ignorance that has been stifling them for centuries.

    • Word count: 937
  13. ANTZ is not only a very entertaining animated-film but its also an excellent studying material for Social Study. Throughout the film there are many social study themes that pop up such as: bureaucracy, culture, and also ideas of various philosophers

    Not only so, it seems like women and men in the ant's colony are pretty much equal, the feminine ants might not be soldier but at least they are treated equally which is ideal to Rousseau and Plato .The population of the colony is 5 millions so in order to administer all the activities of the whole colony and put everything under control then bureaucracy is essential. As you can see clearly, all the labors are well-divided into sections doing different kinds of works: the workers dig the tunnel, the soldiers go to battles,...

    • Word count: 772
  14. Free essay

    Research Method for sociology investigation - The first method I have chosen to use is Questionnaires

    out in my school it is much easier as for the person would know me and speak openly, closed questions would give a quantative data. Another Strength is that they are anonymous so the person wouldn't feel embarrassed and because there is not much open questions the person wouldn't have to write a lot. The problems with this method will be that people might lie to make them-selves look good or people might not complete the questionnaire because some of the questions are open so they might not want to write, if they do this it would be harder for me to draw conclusions.

    • Word count: 638
  15. Absolute Poverty in the United Kingdom

    I agree to this but I must say that if we are to be realistic, the word absolute also means total, complete and utter. Using these other words give more depth into the world of "absolute poverty". Britain some people say is a developed nation. It is known to every individual living here that there are many types of benefit people receive even council homes for underage girls who get pregnant and teenagers who decide upon themselves that it is a good idea to leave home and "search for freedom" or something the youth of today feel is maturity.

    • Word count: 668
  16. Discuss Reasons For Changes In The Role Of Women In The Family In Contemporary Society

    A fourth shift is waking up in the night to look after children. All of this means that women now have more work and responsibility than before. This is a major change in the role of women. Although Willmott and Young discussed the idea of a symmetrical family, where men and women do the same amount of work in the home, in reality studies have shown this is very rare. Another change is the fact that women have more power within the family.

    • Word count: 859
  17. Color Purple

    into a business - stands on her own feet � Nettie marries and is reunited with Celie Why is it banned � Graphic depiction of violence, r**e, Language, Sexuality of the relationship between Shug and Celie, r****m, Man's relationship with God, African history Quotes � Sophia, a character who has been appraised in the book for her kindness, strength, and independence, is described here with wounds and a horrible description of her condition. Was it really necessary to go into detail, and make it so depressing?

    • Word count: 713
  18. Original Writing

    A leased motor vehicle - short lease an expense; long lease a non-current asset iv) Motor vehicle on hire purchase - non-current asset v) Goodwill acquired when the business was purchased - intangible non-current asset vi) Unsold stock at the year end - current asset vii) Amounts owed by customers - current asset viii) Notification of a customer, who is still a debtor, going into liquidation - asset becomes an expense ix)

    • Word count: 254
  19. Socioeconomic life course influences on womens smoking

    Early motherhood, non-cohabitation, and also lone motherhood increase the chances of smoking. From these crucial findings it was concluded that both the conventionally measured socioeconomic life course and the domestic life course contribute separately to the odds of smoking and former smoking, this suggest that life course analyses should incorporate omen's domestic circumstances as a very important pathway of influence on their chances of smoking in early adulthood.

    • Word count: 515
  20. Hilary Graham examined how social policies and social trends are making hardship an increasingly common experience for women. She published many books giving further information and research on his topic and some of her most famous publications were: U

    Hilary Graham examined how social policies and social trends are making hardship an increasingly common experience for women. She published many books giving further information and research on his topic and some of her most famous publications were: 'Understanding Health Inequalities' and 'Women, Health and the Family'. Also her most famous research study was carried out on smoking and how this tended to have an effect on women's lives. Findings from this research indicated that while men were most likely to smoke in order to gain pleasure women's reasons for turning to smoking were significantly different.

    • Word count: 541
  21. If you don't believe in God

    If I had just accepted that and told the person I was engaged to that the wedding is off, then I wouldn't care about them very much in the first place if I didn't even think about what the person had told me properly.

    • Word count: 299
  22. Free essay

    Discuss how far sociologists would agree the usefulness of the OCS in measuring and understanding crime and deviance in society.

    As a result of this biased practises, they overall get contributed to the OCS, therefore making them less accurate. Another is a victim survey and how it may not be true/accurate. Victim survey's is when members of publics are asked to tell about a crime they have experienced whether they reported it to the police or not, meaning there is a chance that they could exaggerating what they are reporting, or being dishonest. This is the case in when women may be asked to report a crime she has been a victim of, for example r**e.

    • Word count: 765
  23. english

    for instance Medium Shot Contains a figure from the knees/waist up and is normally used for dialogue scenes, or to show some detail of action. Variations on this include the TWO SHOT (containing two figures from the waist up) and the THREE SHOT (contains 3 figures...). NB. Any more than three figures and the shot tends to become a long shot. Background detail is minimal, probably because location has been established earlier in the scene - the audience already know where they are and now want to focus on dialogue and character interation.

    • Word count: 100

Sociology is the study of societies, the ways in which they are organised and the groups of which they are comprised. You'll be studying the family, social control, gender, poverty and the world of work amongst many other topics. There will be plenty of discussion and many contentious issues to debate and you'll pick up some valuable skills along the way. In order to succeed you'll need to develop abilities in analysis and interpretation, in critically appraising ideas and policies and in expressing yourself verbally and in writing.

The assessment is done by examination and Marked by Teachers can help you gain the necessary skills. Our site has a large number of GCSE Sociology answers that you can access, gaining an insight into what makes a good essay for the subject at this level.GCSE Sociology is great preparation if you have designs on studying it at Advanced level but it is also a useful subject to have studied if you are going onto take Geography, Politics or Economics.


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