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University Degree: Tennessee Williams

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  1. 'This apparently simple play gains complexity from the use of a variety of dramatic effects, in particular recurrent sounds and visual images' - using at least three points in the play identify how this intensifies the impact on the audience in each case

    the directorial skills of Alfred Hitchcock, 'arguable subtle connections, but nobody can say the play's conversion into cine tape wasn't smooth' and, to a large extent, kept to Williams's ideal. But the purpose of these effects is what this essay is about and there is a distinct value to them in those terms. To study this text as a text, as words, is to study it in a way that Williams didn't intend. It is something to be seen. The idea of a gain in complexity suggests that simplicity is expressed in the relative calmness and clarity of the initial scenes, this is evident.

    • Word count: 1007
  2. Compare the Two Act Three's in Tennessee Williams' Cat On a Hot Tin Roof.

    However, it is usual of Tennessee Williams' style to leave the endings of his plays quite undefined. This is seen in The Glass Menagerie, Laura is left unmarried and Tom leaves the family. Act Thee (Broadway Version) is a very classical ending, we can understand that Tennessee Williams wrote the first as a writer and the second as a potential viewer. There is great irony in the Original Act Three, Big Mamma states "Big Daddy...loves his family, he loves to have them around him."

    • Word count: 1149
  3. A Life In The Day Of Andy Williams…

    He sang regulary on the radio station WHO stationed in Des Moines, Iowa, and since then his singing career has spiralled. He is still performing today, singing six days a night in his Moon River Theatre from April to December.

    • Word count: 256
  4. The Sound and the Fury

    He has no sense of time and is emotionally troubled my familiar smells ands sights. It is in his mind that we get the first perspective of the Compson family decline. The section starts off in the present form with Luster, Benjy's caretaker throughout his adult life, is looking for a quarter to go to the circus. We are told that Benjy can see them 'hitting'.

    • Word count: 943
  5. Sun Vampires

    Understanding your readership is vital in any form of journalism. What is the writer trying to do or say to the reader? She leaves us in no doubt here. Sunbeds are dangerous and those who use them are vain and stupid. Those who supply the habit are exploitative. How does the writer achieve her purpose? 1. The message is serious but the tone is generally relatively light-hearted. There are times, though, when the mood changes: the evidence supplied by Jane Horwood is bleak, and that provided by the medical expert is uncompromising.

    • Word count: 1884

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