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University Degree: Lewis Carrol

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  1. comparing two stories

    The mother is also concerned about the daughter's well being and the writer shows us the mother's obsession with cleanliness. Comparison of themes in two stories Your shoe is a letter in a first narrative person written to a teenage daughter who has run away from her house because of her family conflicts. In flight the grandfather thinks its best to protect his grown up granddaughter, as he thinks his granddaughter is too young to control her self. SIMILARITIES In the two essays we get similarities between the mother and the grandfather in that they both do not accept that their daughters are grown up.

    • Word count: 654
  2. Comparison Between Alice In Wonderland and Our devised Drama

    For example, in our devised drama, the freezing was never meant to go wrong, but it did and the same in "Alice's adventures in Wonderland", in the normal world there is never meant to be a talking cat, but there was. "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" was written in the middle of the nineteenth century, and reflects the culture and society that was present in that time, for instance the "mad hatter" was mad because of the solution that was on his top hat, this problem, the problem of going mad because of the solvent used on top hats, was only their in the nineteenth century.

    • Word count: 615
  3. Alice in Wonderland.

    Alice replies questioningly whether a name must mean something. As a matter of fact every word must have a meaning, or it would be useless. An argument might be that names of people do not have meanings, but that is not true.

    • Word count: 211
  4. Alice in Wonderland and its language

    In the world of Alice, everything what the creatures in that 'country' says is solidly logical. What they say is what it is, there are no metaphors or any kind of word-game like in our world. In the movie the Kind tells the Hatter "take off your hat", and the Hatter answers with a Wonderland language "It is not mine". The logic we have in our mind is turned upside down in the Wonderland (and that is probably why the furnitures are up sided down in the entrance of the Wonderland).

    • Word count: 513
  5. Vinegar Tom - Use of Language. Caryl Churchill.

    The line 'So you think that was no sin we did?' reveals religion to the conversation. The man is confused by religion. People at the time were not sure weather to be Protestant or Catholic. He talks of how one of his family was burnt for being Catholic so they became Protestant and one burnt for that to. He is afraid of his sins. That is why he was asking if he was the devil at the beginning, because he was afraid that the sin they had committed was so bad that he was becoming the devil or that the devil was going to get him for it, 'sometimes I think the devil has me.'

    • Word count: 989
  6. Flight - describe Alice's thoughts throughout the story.

    He can't see past 'little Alice', he just can't accept I am all grown up. Well, Mum has said it is okay so he is just gonna have to like it or lump it. He is the one who is messing it all up. I don't want to hurt him. Why does he keep interfering in my life? Oh, hurry up Steven. I need to see you, I want to get away from here, from Grandad. I want to be married, to be with Steven all the time, why is that such a problem for Grandad yet Mum is fine about it?

    • Word count: 914
  7. Flight - imagine.

    After all I am eighteen I am not the same old little Alice anymore am I? I am not that little Alice who used to like to just play around all the time like a little child. My Granddad thinks that I am still in my childhood. GOSH!!! Things are just going so wrong at this moment; Steven could arrive any minute now. I hope that Steven doesn't turn up right at this moment because if he does everything is going to be in such a mess. "da da da da da" Granddad will go and tell mum and she already knows, then even if he doesn't know about everything he will find out.

    • Word count: 669
  8. Compare the language themes and style in the two extracts explaining how this relates to the audience and purpose.

    This effects the style and themes used in Alice as children would be encouraged to take on a more mature attitude but still lead an active imagination. This is shown throughout the book by the attitudes of characters in concern to their place in the hierarchy. A clear example of this is in Alice in Wonderland would be the Queen as she clearly acts as though she is better than everybody else and everyone in her presence acknowledges this and conforms to these rules.

    • Word count: 808

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