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AS and A Level: Other Criticism & Comparison

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  1. What underlying tensions in America society are relevant by the confrontation between Stanley and Blanche in the scene 2 of A Streetcar named Desire?

    The sexual tension between Blanche and Stanley from the moment they first meet. They are alone together. He takes off his shirt because he wants to be "comfortable." While Blanche pretends to be OK with this, we know later that such informalities in fact make her uncomfortable. Later, there is the constant proximity of Blanche to Stanley and Stella's bed, which is more tension for all. When Stanley rifles through the personal things in Blanche's trunk, it is as though he is violating her as well.

    • Word count: 1242
  2. JB Argue

    Despite all of his infinite power, God cannot control the actions of J.B. Even in the humble act of repentance to God J.B. chooses to repent, instead of being forced. As Mr. Zuss remarks, "He repented. It was him-Not the fear of God but him!"(139). Mr. Zuss has noticed that Job chooses by his own accord and not because of loyalty to God. Mr. Zuss contemplates his role as God and uses a metaphor to explain J.B.'s actions. He says that J.B.

    • Word count: 717
  3. madness through king lear, the fool and edgar

    simply meaning that Cordelia loves her father as a daughter should. Lear, in his blissful ignorance, cannot see past Goneril and Regan's elaborate speeches and instead feels humiliated by his youngest daughter's unadorned answer. As a result, he disowns her and banishes her, Cordelia then departs to France. We can see Lear is already losing control as he goes to strike his faithful advisor Kent and banishes him also, all because Kent questioned the Lear's actions. As a consequence of Lear's vituperative temper and his irrational, 'insane', actions he leaves himself powerless and at the mercy of his two eldest daughters, with neither his loyal advisor nor his devoted youngest daughter to protect him from what is to proceed.

    • Word count: 1950
  4. Themes and Issues in Jane Eyre, Cinema Paradiso and Philadelphia Here I Come. - A comparative study.

    Hours before Jane is about to marry Mr. Rochester she repeats the name Jane Rochester over and over. She is unable to imagine having that name and feels like she will loose part of her freedom and identity if she does take that name. This contrasts sharply with Toto, who after leaving Sicily changes his name. I believe he does this to leave behind, or try and forget Elena. He feels that by changing his name, he can start a new life and forget about his old one.

    • Word count: 1896
  5. Gatsby is more a ruthless criminal than an irresponsible dreamer(TM) How far do you agree with this statement?

    'Bootlegging' was a con as it was the illegal selling of 'watered-down' alcohol during the 'prohibition'. Not only did he take advantage of people as a gangster, but he continued this with people such as Nick and Jordan. Throughout the novel he uses them to get closer to reaching is true dream which is to retrieve Daisy. In chapter IV, Gatsby reveals to Nick that '...Miss Baker has kindly consented to speak to you about this matter.' Here Gatsby selfishly interrupts their arranged date in order to make Jordan inform Nick of Gatsby's undying love for Daisy and the history which accompanies it.

    • Word count: 1663
  6. In what ways are Gatsby and George Wilson similar or dissimilar, to whom is Nick more sympathetic towards?

    The idea behind this pretentious displayal of the opulence that he has acquired, may be a method used by Gatsby in order to stand out from the crowd and to break away from periphery and into East Egg high society. This is a means to an end that he requires so that he can get even closer to retrieving Daisy and thus accomplishing his distorted version of the American Dream. In comparison, George lives in the rubbish tip that is the 'Valley of the Ashes'.

    • Word count: 3070
  7. Free essay

    Discuss the way in which the female characters are presented in the Great Gatsby

    Following the Victorian era and the 'Great war', society began to move away from the traditional values that consisted of two spheres; one was the economic sphere run by the man of the household and the second was the private and domestic sphere run by the woman (which usually included maternal duties like cleaning, looking after the children and generally maintaining the household for the family). Women were expected to embody the aspects of purity and loyalty to their family.

    • Word count: 2275
  8. Examine the theme of sisterhood in the novel. Look at the ways in which women interact with conflict with and support other woman

    Even thou the two sisters had other brothers; they were not close to the others like they are close to each other. This is seen by the fact that in the novel only 1 of her brothers has been given a name. The sister's relationship grows stronger when Celie marries Mr.- and both women write to each other even though each of them thinks the other dead. Sofia is Harpo's wife. Harpo is Mr.- son, and Celie becomes closest to him from the other children.

    • Word count: 872
  9. comparsion of jane eyre and wuthering heights

    Catherine is portrayed as a passionate and wild character; there is a degree of stubbornness within her, "In play she liked, exceedingly to act the little mistress." This domineering, strong willed characteristic is what prompts her father and Nelly to consider her a, "selfish wretch." The resentment other characters feel towards her is lessened by her diary entries, which is a first hand account, encourages the reader to feel more sympathetic, as she appears as an innocent child concerned for her beloved Heathcliff.

    • Word count: 2710
  10. The Oresteia

    When vengeance is equated with justice, more death arises from the murders committed, but by transforming the idea of justice into forgiveness and mercy, Athena stops the gruesome line of murders and balances the cycle of birth and decay At the onset of the Trojan War, all the Greek fleets meet at Aulis before sailing to Troy. However, on the island, Artemis sees a pregnant hare, "bursting with unborn young" (123), whom she takes to mean Troy and all the innocent Trojans that the Greeks will murder during the war, being killed by the "kings of birds," or Agamemnon and Menelaus.

    • Word count: 2274
  11. Compare and contrast the way education is depicted in Blakes poem and Bennett(TM)s play. Consider in each text the purpose of education, as well as its relation to the past, present and future. What light does the comparison throw on our understa

    He writes in his poem "nor sit in learning bower, worth through with the dreary shower". Blake means by this that nothing in school happens naturally. Everything is taught by a book and with rules and regulations. In History boy's however, the students have chosen to come to school through their own will. They do not find it a burden. We know this because the students throughout the play are happy apart from two crucial moments, when Hector and Irwin are sharing a class and again at Hector's funeral, other then this they are quite pleased to be in school.

    • Word count: 893
  12. What is Romanticism?The romanticism movement was supposedly helped along by the French revolution of 1789.

    All creates the all-essential atmosphere to accompany the language of love. The French language originates from the Latin and is one of five romance languages (the others being Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian). They have more than 700 million native speakers worldwide. The language of French could make anyone sound romantic even if they are just ordering a sandwich. The romanticism movement was supposedly helped along by the French revolution of 1789. This was caused by the people of France being unhappy with the government and Roman Catholic Church helped along by a huge rise in unemployment, national debt and famine.

    • Word count: 980
  13. The demands made on the reader to accept the supernatural elements of Beloved undermine the effectiveness of the whole novel Do you agree?

    "124 was spiteful. Full of a baby's venom...For years each put up with the spite in his own way." Not only does this convey to the reader that a ghost is accepted by the characters in the novel but it allows for a white, western reader in the sceptical twenty first century to accept that the ghost is real as well, which would be a difficult task otherwise. The eponymous character Beloved, is one of the most crucial individuals in the novel.

    • Word count: 2357
  14. The presence of pairs or of doubles and doubling often appears in works of art. How and for what purpose has Chaucer made effective use of such patterns?

    By comparing the description of Alison in The Miller's Tale and Emily in The Knight's Tale, it is clear that Chaucer parodies the conventions of romance to portray Alison in a comic light. The convention of using floral imagery to describe a beautiful lady in Romance tales is evident in the description of Emily in The Knight's Tale. "That Emily, who was fairer to be seen Than is the lily upon its green stalk And fresher than the May with new flower For her hue vied with colour of the rose I do not know which was the finer of the two."

    • Word count: 1048
  15. Death and Agricultural Decay in "The Garden of Proserpine

    "The Garden of Proserpine" employs agricultural imagery to reinforce the reversal of Nature and the absence of her life-giving force. The Garden of Eden is a paradisiacal setting where rivers of life flow, the rivers sustain lush vegetation and abundant fruit. The antithesis of the Garden of Eden is the Garden of Proserpine. Proserpine's blighted garden is ravaged by death, infertility, and famine. Death is personified and feminised as Proserpine, the Grimm Reaper. She is the daughter of Ceres who is mother earth, the garden and fertility.

    • Word count: 1166
  16. Wuthering Heights Setting

    It could be argued that the moors are actually the most important setting within the novel. They represent a place of happiness, freedom and tranquillity of the soul. The persistent emphasis on the moors shows us the symbolic importance of the setting in the novel. Bronte uses the moors as a literally tool to show convey the idea of Heathcliff's, the protagonist, passionate, violent id. A Freudian could argue that the purpose of the moors is to show the reader Heathcliff's inner feelings and reveal his id.

    • Word count: 2526
  17. Blake and Betjeman: Critics of Their Society?

    He is criticizing the society he lives in for providing the poor youths with false hope. Similarly, Betjeman expresses his personal views regarding the state of his society. In his satirical poem, "How to Get On in Society", his versatile mocking tone is very apparent. Betjeman's witty poem highlights the social politics of his time. His descriptions of the ridiculous conventions of the upper-class are made to seem futile and indeed comical. Instead of lighting the `logs in the grate' they are `switched on'. This is a subtle hint by Betjeman at the modernisation of the household.

    • Word count: 1274
  18. Great Expectations

    This is a major theme that runs through the book as the main character, Pip, has a dream to become successful and live in London, and it is there he feels that all his dreams will be made. Dickens uses a wide range of characters to convey the different classes, from Magwitch who is a convict, seen as the lowest of the low, then to Joe and Biddy who would be classed as 'country folk', to Pumblechook a middleclass man who believes himself to be upper class, and finally to Miss Havisham who is very rich, yet unhappy.

    • Word count: 1001
  19. Priscilla and Wimps

    Priscilla, was another student, was the biggest student in the class not fat but big. She was beautiful in a bionic way. Priscilla was mostly and loner but had only one friend. His name was Melvin Detweiler. Melvin was one of the smallest guys but is really nice.

    • Word count: 390
  20. Empowered white men

    Because he has spent a lifetime being excluded by whites, Troy can not see any advantage for his son when college recruiters come to watch Cory play football. He states, "The white man ain't gonna let you get nowhere with that football noway" (Wilson, 35). Troy cannot trust empowered white man, and so, he forbids his son to play football. In the novel "The Devil in a Blue Dress" a reader may find other examples of white males' racial dominance.

    • Word count: 1020
  21. Monsters, and their representations of gender in literature

    The difference between the two monsters is that the character of Grendel is the invader, and therefore there is a valid justification in its killing. However, with Grendel's mother, it is not she who has acted as the protagonist, but Beowulf himself. As such, it could be seen that her corresponding difficulty matches the corresponding lack of justification in her killing, revealing a Saxon fear that perhaps they too were not wholly justified in all their marauding and pillaging! Keeping in line with this idea that monsters represent a cultural (or at least personal)

    • Word count: 1703
  22. A River Runs Through It

    The river is a symbol of life's journey and ventures. As the river flows, it winds around and around through the forest, never following a distinct path, much like the spontaneity of the human existence. As you go through life, every move you make has a consequence. Every word you say provokes a reaction. Every single action you execute affects your future in either a positive or negative way. A river is the journey of life; it twists and turns in unexpected directions. Sometimes you can see it for miles ahead of you, sometimes you can only see up to the next bend.

    • Word count: 807
  23. Animal Farm

    the pigs, namely Napoleon, maniacally begin to experiment with the manner of human ways, and as a result he and his fellow kind are engulfed in the potency of unrestricted control. As the pigs become increasingly authoritative, they abuse power to dictate everyone and everything on the farm. Here Orwell uses dramatic irony to show the naivety of the farm animals with his illusive way of explaining Napoleon's and his inner circle's gradual change for the worst. The first idea of self obtained order on the farm originated from Old Major, a wise boar and prophet, he narrated his

    • Word count: 1015
  24. Comparision on Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea on the theme of love

    We follow the life of the newly wed couple, Antoinette and a man who we can assume is Mr. Rochester. The narrator in my extract of Wide Sargasso Sea is assumed to be Mr. Rochester who has recently married Antoinette. Rochester can be seen as an unreliable narrator. It follows a stream of consciousness', which gives the impression that the reader is eve dropping on the narrator's life, and even their private thoughts. We know that it is a different narrator to part one as the gender of the narrator changes into masculine tone.

    • Word count: 1642
  25. Compare how different kinds of love are presented in Captain Corelli(TM)s Mandolin and The Remains of the Day.

    Corelli questions Antonia as if it were real. It could be interpreted that Corelli's love for Antonia symbolises his love for Pelagia. Therefore Corelli's passion for his music can relate to his love for Pelagia. By Corelli playing the mandolin, it can be interpreted that he releases his sexual tension; he wants to love Pelagia , but cannot so 'makes love' to his mandolin. It is this that attracts Pelagia further to Corelli. "Still attending to the trilling of the mandolin" represents how she has engaged with Corelli's music.

    • Word count: 2343

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