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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Describe the US Department of Health and Human Services

    They are responsible for research, public health, food safety, drug safety, health insurance, and other funding. The secretary is responsible for advising the President, hundreds of public health programs, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Medicaid and Medicare. One of the many divisions in the department is the Administration for Children and Families. Their responsibilities are Public Welfare, Head Start, and Temporary Assistance for Families (TANF). Welfare restructuring will allow for early childhood development for children in low income homes; preserving the family unit, foster care, helps the states prove paternity and collect child support, adoptions, supports the different states with their welfare responsibilities.

    • Word count: 1196
  2. Health and Safety - Health, Safety and Security in Care Settings.

    Sand - Children eating it, getting it in their eyes. Sand should be changed regularly. Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings. (P2) The UK has one of the lowest accident rates in the world. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is one of the main reasons for this. Legislation over the last 30 years has helped bring about significant improvements in health and safety in health and safety in the workplace.

    • Word count: 937
  3. Safeguarding Children - Types, Signs and Reasons for Abuse of Children

    Whatever the situation, there is never a good reason to deliberately injure a child. Effects - The harm caused by physical abuse can range from minor injuries to major trauma. These can include: 1. bruising 2. burns or scalds 3. bite marks 4. fractures 5. scarring 6. poisoning 7. drowning or suffocating 8. head injuries caused by a blow or by shaking 9. fabricated or induced illness. The experience of being harmed may, also, cause mental health and behavioural problems in a child, such as: 1. depression and anxiety 2. aggression and violence 3.

    • Word count: 3892
  4. Cache level 3 assignment 3 - encouraging self-reliance. Legislation and discrimination.

    This links back to my point about being set tasks and completing them to that child's best ability whilst thinking clearly and creatively without an adult doing all the work for them. B1: Discrimination can occur in various forms during a practice setting. For example social events during the calender year can cause serious discrimination issues for the practitioner. Some religions do not recognise Birthdays whilst others actively encourage it.

    • Word count: 588
  5. The role of communication and interpersonal interaction in Health and Social Care

    Secondly is the face; as we can easily tell how someone is feeling. A person with wide, eyes, and a big smile, Is often happy, or joyful. Whereas a person with a ?scrunched up? face, is often seen to be angry. Almost any emotion is visible on a personal face, from relief, to disbelief. In the attached logbook, I observed person B laughing and smiling, I could tell from her face that she was happy, because of the smile, but also because her eyes were open wide.

    • Word count: 4095
  6. How has the therapy of breast cancer improved over the years

    Removing most part of breast muscles which are underlying is a really effective way to prevent patients from death of breast cancer. Just one breast removal surgery for radical mastectomy is not enough, it includes some more complex steps. Although it can effectively help the victims of breast cancer, it still causes physical, psychological even social problems (Roberts, 1970). This is the only orthodox way to get rid of breast cancer which is mentioned in Halsted?s introduction. Several treatments that are alternative to radical mastectomy have been introduced over the past few decades.

    • Word count: 813
  7. How a hospital handles patient complaints.

    According to the trust, they considered informal complaints that can be resolve informally as a statement of disappointment, discontentment and frustration with the specific product or service given. While formal complaints are those concerns which are more complex and required higher personnel to solve it such As the chief executive or complaints manager and the response need to be formal. Moreover, the company respect and values the views and needs of their customer. They work very hard to offer a high standard of service and care but sometimes things happened in an unexpected way that creates problem.

    • Word count: 657
  8. Person Centred Therapy case studies of Mary and Michael

    Compared to them, I feel like I?m wrapped up in cotton wool.? ?C? paraphrased Michael?s comments, focussing on his feelings, ?so your feeling that you haven?t got as much freedom as your friends do.? ?Well, yeah,? replied Michael, ?I?ve always gone along with what Mum and Dad wanted, and so I?ve never had any reason to really disagree with them, and I?ve always kinda wanted what they wanted anyway. But now I don?t. Sure it will be great to go to University one day, it?s not like I?m going to be like my sister and never come home, but Dad

    • Word count: 2973
  9. The Psychodynamic Perspective of development

    It?s also the conscience and ego-ideal. Freud believed that children pass through five stages of development, known as the psychosexual stages because of Freud's emphasis on sexuality as the basic drive in development. These stages are: Stage 1) Oral stage- This should be formed by the age of 0-1. Freud says that a child of this age begins to realise that the mouth is a centre of pleasure and this is learned through weaning. In this stage the I.D is the main part for the personality as the ego and the super ego are not fully developed.

    • Word count: 751
  10. Mental Health - 2 case studies

    The treatment that cognitive psychologists could offer Anna is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). This is very much a new therapy that has been introduced but has become one of the preferred therapies used today. The goal of cognitive therapy is to challenge the negative thoughts of the individual and encourage them to develop a more positive outlook on the way they view the world and the people around them. The psychologists often do this by recording every type of negative thought and the feelings that follow with it, almost like a diary.

    • Word count: 1439

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