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GCSE: Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes

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  1. marketing strategies of BMW and Mercedes-Benz .

    However still not being strong enough to compete with its arch rivals of the time Mercedes, it released BMW 507 which quickly reached success. The evolution of the company in this way led to development of the BMW 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 and were all classified under the first generation of the 5 series. BMW success story continues into the 1990's as it took over Rolls Royce and at the split of Rover plc it also bought the rights to the Mini in 2000 and re-launched its now more dynamic range in 2001.1992 was another year-to-be-remembered for BMW when it, for the first time, outsold Mercedes in Europe.

    • Word count: 4572
  2. Mercedes comes to Alabama.

    Daimler-Benz had been created in 1926 by two of Germany's automobile pioneers, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. Following the World War II, Daimler- Benz established a reputation for automobiles of high- quality and superior engineering. Over the next few decades, Mercedes-Benz automobiles became synonymous with prestige and excellence. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's they ranked among the most prestigious luxury cars in the world. Throughout it's growth the company followed a strategy based on German production and global exports. The vast majority of value added activities, from research and design to procurement and manufacturing, took place in Germany.

    • Word count: 3203

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare the brief encounters between two 'culture clashes' in 'An Old Woman' by Arun Kolatkur and 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes' by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

    "Towards the end of both poems the poets reach their conclusions both are drawn to a close with their feelings of inequality, Ferlinghetti closes his poem with irony; American democracy 'in which everything is always possible' and then in the following verse states 'as if anything at all were possible' leaves us questioning the reality of opportunity - does one ever get to 'cross the line'? Arun Kolatkur's poem on the other hand is intensely personal he concludes that this 'old woman' managed to achieve a moral victory and all he is left to consider his humiliation in the face of a humanitarian struggle and the fact that his very being was 'reduced to so much small change in her hand'. Both poets conclude with their intentions of the poem. Ferlinghetti remarks sarcastically at the inequality of democracy which supposedly puts countries like America above the third world countries whilst Arun Kolatkur leaves us with a message about humility and humanity, it is not for the wealthy to assume a moral high ground."

  • Compare how the two poets explore cultural issues in their work

    "In conclusion, in have summarised the two poems in general, looking in detail at how they are similar in different ways and how they are different in others. I have successfully looked at and analysed the styles, content and attitudes on both of the poems, comparing them where necessary. So, I have successful addressed the task set to me and explored cultural differences and attitudes in the works of these two poets."

  • Compare the ways in which the poets present people in "Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes" and "Island Man"

    "In my opinion looking at this poem the lines reflect the shape and action of the sea. The wave line shape of the lines gives a slow rhythm. Some phrases in this poem are detached to draw more reader's attention. Throughout the poem there is a bit of rhyme used "soar, roar". There is also alliteration used with the letter 'S', "Sun Surfing, Sound of Blue Surf" "Groggily, groggily, muffling, muffling" repetition and alliteration. There is no punctuation through the whole poem, however, she uses capital letters. Reading these two poems I have noticed that they present people but in every different circumstances and for different reasons. However, the messages are very different. Both poems use shape imaginatively but on the other hand both poems are very different. By Yuliya Boychuk 10P"

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