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GCSE: Animal Farm

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  1. Focusing on THREE key incidents, explore the extent to which language is an effective method of control in 'Animal Farm'.

    We see how Squealer manages to convince the animals about anything, and how the language is used to manipulate. Orwell uses Squealer to explore the ways in which those in power often use rhetoric and language to twist the truth and gain and maintain social and political control. He also spreads false statistics pointing to the farm's success. Squealer abuses language to justify Napoleon's actions and policies to the proletariat by whatever means seem necessary. When George Orwell introduces Squealer (in page 9), he describes him as a brilliant talker that could turn black into white. The others said of Squealer that he could turn black into white.''

    • Word count: 912
  2. Re-read pages24-27, the Battle of the Cowshed. What impact does this have on you?

    In the third paragraph there is a description of the beginning of the attack. Different stages, the programs made and the battle itself are the scenes we are moved into. 'As the human beings approached...Snowball launched his first attack'. Snowball is presented as the leader. 'A squeal from Snowball...signal for retreat...all animals turned and fled', sensual language is used here and the 'squeal' is the sense of sound. This also proves that the animals need a leader to bring them victory and success, but nonetheless a fair leader, which goes against the equality between animals and proves that a few animals were not entirely sure about the Rebellion.

    • Word count: 953
  3. Animal Farm Background

    Orwell, although agreeing with the overall concept of equality though socialism, was critical of Marx because he didn't take into account the greed and jealousy which would eventually undermine the entire cause. This idea was shown through Napoleon and the other pigs, who, through persuasion and force became the dominant authority on the farm. Gun/Flag: Probably the most profound metaphor in Orwell's Animal Farm is the idea of the gun and flag. The nationalism the animals' feel is demonstrated through their daily processions and rituals where they practically worship the flag (their institution of the state and obviously not God).

    • Word count: 4076
  4. An analysis of Eric Arthur Blairs writing

    Orwell's political views, especially his distrust of mass media, are characterized through Winston Smith in 1984. Spending time working for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Orwell was exposed to a lot of stretched truths and negative propaganda. This led to a huge distrust for those in power aa well as the distrust in the information distributed to and received by the general public from them. Orwell discusses how history is changed by whoever is in power. Orwell hated totalitarianism, mainly because of its lies, and so he saw it as the enemy.

    • Word count: 4191
  5. Lord of the Farm: Comparative Essay

    Snowball declared that this was just the place for a windmill." (AF, V, 32) and "The tail-end part, where the rocks are all piled up" (LOTF, VI, 113), which represents the characters looking up to power. The Windmill is built with many strong bricks as told with the lines "it had been decided to build the walls three feet thick" (AF, VII, 49), and the Castle Rock is used for defensive purposes according to Jack when he said "Shove a palm tree under that and if an enemy came...one heave...

    • Word count: 931
  6. What Strategies Do The Pigs Use To Suppress The Other Animals On The Farm, And How Is This Suppression Heightened Through Orwell's Use Of Language?

    In 1928, Stalin copied Trotsky's idea and industrialised the country. Stalin was initially a moderator but then became a dictator. In 1929, Stalin sent Trotsky out of the Parliament and into exile and blamed Trotsky for all of his own mistakes. This is the same thing that happened to Snowball when Napoleon urinates on his plans and later copies them. Napoleon ends up using his guard dogs to chase Snowball out of the farm in order to allow him to become the leader. Stalin's famous motto was 'You have nothing to lose but your change.'

    • Word count: 1809
  7. The novel Animal Farm, written by Eric Blair under the pseudonym George Orwell, is a novel written as an allegory (a story with a double meaning) on the Russian Revolution

    The way that Napoleon is described is in the way that a typical tyrant had been described throughout history. He is illustrated, in chapter 2, as 'a large, fierce-looking Berkshire boar with a reputation for getting his own way'. This, to a reader's mind, immediately conjures up images of a ferocious animal with inappropriate ideas. Just as with Stalin and his regime, Napoleon's corruption was the downfall of the cause of Animalism. However, Snowball, who represents Trotsky, is put across as a more vivacious animal who is quicker in speech and more attentive than his comrade, Napoleon. Snowball is portrayed as a brilliant speaker and as a sincere and selfless worker for the benefit of all of the animals.

    • Word count: 2315
  8. This excerpt of Marrakech by George Orwell outlines what times were like in the early half of the 1900's. Funerals at the time were unimportant events that were not worth remembering

    This excerpt is spoken from the perspective of a third person, giving a very abstract view of the way that these people live. However, this changes to a second person perspective towards the end of the text, making it seem like advice to the reader. The text is purely descriptive, without a particular character that the story centers around. However, this excerpt could also be the description of this place and its habits by someone to another person. The text is focused around a funeral, describing the ritual in which it is carried out.

    • Word count: 1026
  9. Explore the techniques of rhetoric used by Old Major in Animal Farm and compare these techniques with other famous speeches. On animal farm there was a lot of suffering for the animals that were there

    This speech can be linked back to speech in which Trotsky said to inspire the Russian revolution. I also think that this speech was about communism, this is due to the communist regime is all about everyone being equal. Also I think that Old Major represents Trotsky because he was the man that had the idea of communism but died so he was never able to take part in his great idea. We are in this essay discussing the different types of speech and the effects on which they have on use.

    • Word count: 636
  10. Animal Farm - ReviewThe story takes place on a farm somewhere in England. The story is told in the third person. The main story begins when the oldest

    They break out of the barns and run to the house, where the food is stored. When Mr Jones sees this he takes out his shotgun, but it is too late for him; all the animals drive him off the farm. The animals destroy all whips, nose rings, reins, and all other instruments that have been used to suppress them. The same day the animals celebrate their victory with an extra ration of food. The pigs make up the seven commandments, and they write them above the door of the big barn.

    • Word count: 878
  11. "Both behaviourists and ethologists rely on studies of non-human animals to formulate theirlltheories" Discuss the use of non-human animals in psychological research

    It must be apart of an approved research project. The license will only be given out if the potential results could justify the use of the animals and if the research cannot be done using non animal methods. Also the research must be done with minimum numbers of animals and if discomfort and harm is also kept minimal. This act has been enforced by a team of inspectors who visit the research laboratories approximately eight times a year to make sure they are sticking to these rules. The "three Rs" was published to reinforce the humane treatment of laboratory animals.

    • Word count: 712
  12. Animal Testing Should be Banned

    In this experiment Twenty-five of the dogs eventually died. One of the deaths occurred during an epileptic seizure; another from a brain hemorrhage. Other dogs, before death, became feverish and anemic, lost their appetites, and had hemorrhages. The experimenters in their published report, compared their results with that of other experiments conducted at the University of Utah and the Argonne National Laboratory in which beagles were injected with Strontium 90. They concluded that the dose needed to produce early death in fifty percent of the sample group differed from test to test because the dogs injected with Strontium 90 retain more of the radioactive substance than dogs forced to inhale it.

    • Word count: 1332
  13. How does Napoleon become Leader of animal farm, what are the consequences and what does this say about Orwell's view of leaders in our society

    This proves that they didn't get along because they would argue whenever it was possible. Napoleon didn't like this because he wanted to get things his own way even if Snowball's plans were more beneficial for the farm than his. Napoleon needed something that would get rid of his nearest rival for good; this is where the dogs or 'Napoleon's secret police' come into the novel. Napoleon takes the 'nine sturdy puppies' as they are referred to, near the end of chapter three. He tells their mother's, Jessie and Bluebell that 'He will make himself responsible for their education, he took them up into a loft room which could only be reached by a ladder

    • Word count: 1365
  14. George Orwell's Animal Farm

    The dogs signify Stalin's KGB secret police, which he used to hunt down his enemies and make people fear him. Orwell ridicules the use of fear because it is an evil tool that dictators use to extort their people. Another example is how Squealer makes the animals believe that they have better lives, Napoleon helps them, and Snowball is an enemy by persuading them with arguments like, "Surely you do not want the Jones' back?" This represents how Stalin used the Pravda to publish his brainwashing propaganda and lies about how well the Soviet Union was doing.

    • Word count: 1022
  15. How do the events in Animal Farm show human equality to be an impossible ideal, not a practical reality?

    Just as Old major dies, the pigs create "Animalism" and the seven commandments under the intention of equality, even as they have just automatically chose themselves as leaders of the revolution and the other animals. The rebellion wasn't really led by the pigs; it occurred when the animals got mad after a long day without food, the pigs unequally became leaders without actually taking a huge part in it.

    • Word count: 557
  16. Animal Farm: About the Author; Overview; Setting; Themes and Characters; Literary Technique; Historical and Social Context; Topics for Discussion; Questions; Related Titles and Adaptations

    His work began to appear in the journal Adelphi, most notably with the publication in 1931 of his enduring and masterful essay "A Hanging". His first book, Down and Out in Paris and London, was rejected by several publishers, including T. S. Eliot of Faber and Faber, before it was accepted by Victor Gollancz and released under the pen name of George Orwell in January 1933. As a result, Orwell continued to use this pen name for the remainder of his life and literary career, although he never legally changed his given name.

    • Word count: 2188
  17. Comparison of the two characters Boxer and Napoleon in George Orwell's Animal Farm

    The novel is particularly a warning about the ways that power can be abused by individuals. The characters of Napoleon and Boxer are particularly important because they highlight how power and the communist ideals can be used in both a positive and a negative way. As characters they represent both the best (in the form of Boxer) and the worst (in the form of Napoleon) aspects of communism. Napoleon is the typical dictator. In many ways he represents Stalin, the tyrannical ruler of the USSR, but he embodies many characteristics of the typical dictator and Orwell uses the character of Napoleon to paint the worst characteristics of this type of person.

    • Word count: 489
  18. Critically Analyse the Distinctive Features of your Chosen Auteur Stylistically and Thematically

    The scene may only serve as a metaphor in relation to the mystical undercurrent that flows throughout the film, in that each of us can find momentary happiness in the simplest of things, just before we have to pay for them. This theme in a way relates to the Shelagh Delaney's play "A Taste of Honey" and the similarity in their naturalistic styles is also noteworthy. The main thematic concern of the movie seems to be that of art and the question of good and evil.

    • Word count: 848
  19. "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." What does this quotation and the events leading up to this conclusion demonstrate about politics, leadersh

    During the Russian Revolution, as in Animal Farm, the politics were greatly changed and corrupted. In this novel, the pigs, who symbolize the Russian government prove this with their greed and laziness. Napoleon, who represents Stalin, does not help build the windmill, and he did not even design it. Yet, Napoleon decides that the windmill should be named after himself. "He personally congratulated the animals on their achievement, and announced that the mill would be named Napoleon Mill." (p. 104) The pig's greed and corruption are also demonstrated in their willingness to adjust the laws.

    • Word count: 2735
  20. Social Criticism in Literature

    Besides the central theme of love, is another prevalent theme, that of a revolution gone bad. He shows us that, unfortunately, human nature causes us to be vengeful and, for some of us, overly ambitious. Both these books are similar in that both describe how, even with the best of intentions, our ambitions get the best of us. Both authors also demonstrate that violence and the Machiavellian attitude of "the ends justifying the means" are deplorable. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm, ". . . to discredit the Soviet system by showing its inhumanity and its back-sliding from ideals [he] valued .

    • Word count: 1524
  21. Animal Farm -Language and Meaning

    This is also reminiscent of the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Pravda, which was often used to rewrite the past. (Ironically, its title means "Truth.") When a bad winter forces a reduction in food rations to the animals, Squealer calls it a "readjustment." In a totalitarian state, language can be used to change even the past. Squealer explains to the animals "that Snowball had never-as many of them had believed hitherto-received the order of 'Animal Hero, First Class'."

    • Word count: 1213
  22. "Napoleon is a selfish pig who used his comrades for own purpose".

    Snowball, who was chased out of the farm by Napoleon's personal bodyguards, portrayed by dogs, is being used as a scapegoat, "Whenever anything went wrong, it became usual to attribute it to Snowball." When the violent November storm blew the windmill down, Napoleon blamed Snowball for blowing it up instead of admitting that the windmill walls were not thick enough to support it against the strong wind. He even got Squealer to convince the fellow comrades that 'Snowball was in league with Jones from the very start'.

    • Word count: 614
  23. Power and Possession in Animal Farm

    By intimidating someone, one would be too frightened to stand up for his or her self. Thus, he or she would have no other choice but to go along with the event of intimidation. In Napoleon's case, he uses intimidation by having a group of dogs to stand as his bodyguard. "Silent and terrified, the animals crept back into the barn. In a moment the dogs came bounding back. At first no one had been able to imagine where these creature came from, but the problem was soon solved: they were the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and reared privately.

    • Word count: 1093
  24. Gus germs and steel

    2. Technology, or the guns and the steel, was used in exterminating the Incas. The germs that the Spaniards brought over on their horses produced small pox. 3. Diamond refers to the battle at Cajamarca a collision because two of the greatest empires "collided" in a huge fight. Chapter 4 1. Societies with successful food production would grow because there was enough food for everyone. The greatest food producers became the world conquerors because they were a big society with big ideas for technology. 2. The development of diseases connected to food production and sedentary societies because the germs that mutated usually came from plants or animals.

    • Word count: 1764
  25. Animal Farm - analysis of Satire

    For example, although Napoleon seems at first to be a good leader, he is eventually overcome by greed and soon becomes power-hungry. Of course Stalin did too in Russia, leaving the original equality of socialism behind, giving him all the power and living in luxury while the common pheasant suffered. Orwell explains: "Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer - except of course for the pigs and the dogs." The perennial topic of satire is to point out the frailties of the human condition, and this is one of Orwell's central themes in Animal Farm .

    • Word count: 1008

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