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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    To what extent was Custer to blame for the defeat at the battle of Little Bighorn and to what extent was it due to circumstances outside of his control?

    3 star(s)

    But this did not justify what his career would be. He was poor academically but excelled in swordsmanship and horsemanship. Little did he know he would become and officer in 1861, the beginning of the American Civil War. During the civil war, Custer had a flair that caught the eyes of powerful men. He then married in 1864 to Elizabeth Bacon. Some said this marriage was a great love story. He was adored deeply by her and she devoted nearly 60 years of widowhood to glorifying his memory. Custer was put on his own staff on the basis of a chance meeting by the Commander of the Army, General George McClellan.

    • Word count: 2002
  2. History of London - planning a series of museum exhibits to show London from Early Victorian to 1960s & 70s.

    At that age there was firefighting but it's the responsibility of your private fire insurance companies, no other properties can be protected, only the insured ones. Traveling around London was with new horse-drawn vehicles. Also steamboats services for passengers on the Thames river was introduced in 1815, by providing pictures to the public and a written explanation. The railways were introduced on 1840s, and that was between the cities. Bringing an electric telegraph to the gallery and a written explanation that says that it was first made just to communicate and signal for the expanding railway network, it can travel 1600 kilometers (1000 miles).

    • Word count: 2917
  3. The Political, Economic and Social Impacts of the First World War on Canada

    A women's role in the 1900's was unfortunately at the kitchen sink, where she would cook, clean, take care of the children and ensure the wellbeing of her home. Her husband would return from work, receiving his wages, which would in turn go to his household and he would spend a comfortable evening with his family. However this was dramatically changed when Canada had declared war on Germany and women had to replace the men's position as well as successfully keeping theirs.

    • Word count: 2456
  4. Jack the Ripper Coursework - failures of the police, living conditions and the character of the killer.

    The quote was taken from a magazine called punch, a patriotic newspaper. It was written in 1851 which means its reliability is little as a lot can change by 1888. It was written to talk about how great the establishment is as it is patriotic and therefore could be biased. However it is reliable as it was taken from a well known magazine. A table taken from the official police records in source 4 also shows that the police were capable of catching the Ripper.

    • Word count: 2163
  5. Death of King Charles

    The king did many wrong things and for this he needed to be punished. Info on the civil war The civil war lasted for 7 years between 1642 and 1649The first war of the civil war was at edge hill in 1642.The king thought He had won the war but he hadn't because Oliver and his crew ran away. Oliver thought that his army wasn't good enough so he went back to Cambridge so he could find a new and stronger army to fight the king. But the king thought he had won and he didn't even make them surrender which would make the war fully over but he just thought he had all the glory of winning and didn't think about anything else.

    • Word count: 2088

    3 Foreign occupation of the Rhineland and Saar 4 Having to accept 'war guilt' and pay reparations. They argued that Germany alone was not responsible for the war. 5 The fact that while other peoples were given the right of self-determination, Austians and Germans were forbidden to unite. 6 The fact that Germany was the only country required to reduce its weapons and armed forces. Not only did the Treaty of Versailles bar the German-speaking peoples of East Prussia and Austria from living in Germany, but other treaties also cut off other groups of German-speaking peoples such as the creation of Czechoslovakia with its inclusion of the Sudetenland Germans.

    • Word count: 2318
  7. Jack the Ripper Source Analysis Coursework

    Source B speculates that the murderer has 'considerable anatomical skill'. This view is partially supported by Source C - Dr Blackwell's choice of the word 'incision' also implies that the murderer has skill. Additionally, Source C's description of the cut makes the murderers intentions clear - he wants to instantly silence, and eventually kill his victim - with a swift cut across the windpipe. This supports the coroner's view that the murderer makes 'no meaningless cuts'. Both Sources A and B indicate that the way the victims were killed was exceptionally brutal.

    • Word count: 2480
  8. To what extent were Stalins economic policies successful?

    Stalin aimed to catch up the 50-100 years Russia was behind everyone else in 5-10 years. Another aim of industrialisation was to impress other countries. If this could be achieved then it would make Communism look good and everyone would be more likely to turn into a Communist country. A further aim was to create more urban workers. They would do this by taking peasants from the country side, who were natural enemies of Communism anyway, and put them in factories, mines and other industries. Not only would this make industrialisation faster but it also reduced the peasant's number.

    • Word count: 2297
  9. Alexander Von Humboldt in Colombia

    Los descubrimientos de Humboldt fueron factores claves para que los neogranadinos valoraran la riqueza geogr�fica con la que gozaban y los fines estrat�gicos con la cual podr�a ser usada. En su ensayo pol�tico Humboldt exalta la mala administraci�n de la monarqu�a Espa�ola en la Nueva Granada (Los criollos), argumenta "El gobierno municipal de acuerdo con su propia naturaleza, deber�a ser una de la principales bases de la libertad y la igualdad de los ciudadanos; pero en las colonias espa�olas ha degenerado en una aristocracia municipal"2.

    • Word count: 2269
  10. From the sources and your studies explain the origins and development of Watford Union Workhouse.

    The 1722 Workhouse act said that parishes must build workhouses. The old poor law was under pressure towards the end of the eighteenth century due to the popular increase and the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. This is shown in Source A as the workhouse is said to be "too small for the convenient" and it also includes the need for an extension "an additional building to present workhouse is now very much wanted." After some problems towards the end of the eighteenth century with the old poor law, Gilberts act of 1782 allowed parishes to join as unions to build workhouses for the poor.

    • Word count: 2020
  11. Describe the ways in which the methods of the Suffragists and Suffragettes were different

    The NUSWSS style of publicity was peaceful, moderate and law abiding whereas the WSPU's was bold and flamboyant. Therefore the methods the Suffragists and Suffragettes used to put pressure on the politicians was similar, however the Suffragettes canvassing was on the verge of breaking the law, which could have been used to obtain more attention. The October 1905 Free Trade Hall Incident also gained great publicity for the WSPU when Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Keeney interrupted a large political meeting in Manchester. They repeatedly asked whether the Liberal government would give women the vote, however, their questions were ignored.

    • Word count: 2441
  12. Black Country Museum

    The mine at the Black Country Museum was a replica of a 19th century drift mine. The mine is set in the time of the Industrial Revolution. To look at how accurately the museum portrays the Industrial Revolution I will compare the mine to sources and my own knowledge. At the mine in the Black Country Museum we saw that it was a dark place. Before entering the mine we had to wear helmets, wearing this helmet was not an attribute which helped to aid my understanding of working life was in the mine because wearing the helmet the dangers which the miners faced when facing rock falls and head injuries could not be experienced by me because of the helmets.

    • Word count: 2397
  13. The Black Death diary

    3 out of 4 people have died, in her uncle's village. Please please please don't let that happen here!!! 20th September 1348 Dear diary, The plague has reached the nearby village; we closed the infirmary, today, in desperate hope that the disease will spare our nunnery. My mind is buzzing with questions, "Are mother and father alright? Has the end of the world finally come? Is everyone going to die?" I certainly hope not, I'm filled with worry, from head to toe.

    • Word count: 2404
  14. Does Haig deserve his title as "butcher of Somme"?

    This source was written the historian Philip Warner in 1991, 74 years after the war and after Haig had died. Though he himself was not involved in the war, it is likely that he used many sources and writing after Haig's death meant that he would have been able to be objective. The source itself is balanced and considers the context of the battle, making it trustworthy Also, Haig was not as unimaginative with his tactics as many think. He was after all the first person to use tanks.

    • Word count: 2049
  15. Comparison and contrast between Night by Elie Wiesel and Life is beautiful by Robert Benigini.

    However, both are the narrator of the stories. Night is a story based on Elie's point of view and Life is beautiful is a story based on Guido's, his father, point of view, not on his. Both were Jewish and taken to a concentration camp. In spite of being Jewish, both of their lives were quite different from each other in the camps, as Elie knew about everything happening around him and has to help himself in order to survive but on the other side we know that Joshua never came to know about the reality of concentration camp.

    • Word count: 2545
  16. China and Taiwan

    The original name of the island was Pakan and on it lived the Malayo-Polynesian. There were a large amount of Chinese settlers and thus the aborigines were forced to live in the hills and mountains and they were then called the mountain people. In 1590 the first western ship sailed passed the island Jan Huygen van Linschoten the Dutch navigator of the ship called it "Ilha Formosa" meaning beautiful island and this stuck and became the islands name for the next four centuries. During 1624-1662 the island was occupied by the Dutch and when they arrived they only found the aborigine population and there were no signs of administrative structure of the Chinese Imperial Government.

    • Word count: 2431
  17. Is Quarry Bank Mill a typical example of manufacture and production in a British factory of the late 18th century?

    They started to swap strips to join their lands in larger units. If they could not agree, the larger landowners could get Parliament to pass an Enclosure Act to force the redistribution of the land. Some farmers like, Viscount Townshend adopted the Norfolk four course rotation of crops. These crops were swapped around the fields every year. Other farmers experimented with new machinery. Jethro Tull invented a seed drill. Tull later invented a horse-drawn hoe. These changes in farming had far reaching effects. The quantity of food produced increased and the quality also improved, which helped the population grow.

    • Word count: 2770
  18. How Typical of Medieval Churches is St. Marys Church?

    Many more modifications were made to the church during this time using the money left from rich merchants in the wool trade, and rich families who spent a lot of there time in the church worshipping. The Font at St. Marys is just one of its many features. It's made of stone as shown in the picture to the right; Fonts can be made from other materials such as marble, or wood. This font has been engraved with the twelve decipals that go all around the font however upon closer inspection there faces have been hacked off.

    • Word count: 2371
  19. What was the Contribution of Technology towards Winning the War for Britain?

    However, as time passed by, it was later discovered that tanks could be used in a completely different way - propaganda. They made their first appearance on the battlefield in September 1916. Upon meeting the Germans, they were in full shock - scared of such a machine. They had no idea as to what it was - just an image in front them, getting nearer and nearer by the second. They also crushed through any barbed wire in their way.

    • Word count: 2497
  20. Black Country Museum Local History Coursework

    However, it cannot be 100% accurate due to many reasons, which I will explore in this essay. Firstly we entered the heart of the community; the mine. There were grass fields outside, an inaccuracy because they should have been barren. The mine we visited was called the Racecourse Colliery (est. 1850) and was a drift mine. The girls went in first then the boys, whereas, in fact, whole families used to work together in the past (See source 17). Inside it was very cramped and dark, with an uneven floor.

    • Word count: 2182
  21. Hitlers promise of a better future for German people was the most important reason for the growth in support for the Nazis up to 1933. How accurate is this view?

    The Weimar Republic was brought in being in January 1919 following the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Fredrich Ebert, leader of the largest party, the Social Democrats, became the first President. Germany's democracy had a parliament and a democracy which on paper was regarded as the finest democracy of modern times. However, the Republic was far from popular. It was overwhelmed by economic problems from the begging and threats to its future from enemies. The Weimar government where associated with defeat from the very beginning as they had accepted the terms of Versailles.

    • Word count: 2550
  22. history

    and "Germans" and forbidden Jews from employing young Aryan women as household help. The second law, The Reich Citizenship Law, stripped Jews of their German citizenship and introduced a new distinction between "Reich citizens" and "nationals." This for the Jews meant a loss of freedom to choose who they could marry and to vote, as if they didn't exist. They had limited choice in where they could go as most places banned Jews, some families were forced to live in poor conditions as finding work became increasingly difficult.

    • Word count: 2601
  23. Just like previous attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement has been a failure and the problems are still impossible to overcome Do you agree?

    Moderate Nationalists were happy with the agreement, they felt it had possibilities but they didn't agree with interment. Extreme Nationalists groups like Sinn Fein rejected the agreement because it effectively confirmed the Partition of Ireland. Less people supported Ira and moved to SDLP because they agreed with the peace treaty. The Anglo-Irish agreement overall was a failure because the violence continued with t*t for tat killings but there still was little success with people moving from extreme groups like Ira to SDLP because they agreed with the treaty. Secondly, I will be analysing the Downing Street Declaration. The agreement was agreed between Prime Minister John Major and the Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds.

    • Word count: 2718
  24. Why was the Roman Army so Successful? Rome was one of the biggest empires of its time.

    These words show just how strict the Roman Army recruitment policy was. Men also had to promise to undergo conditions, such as stay n the Army for 25years, be at least 1.6metres tall, a male, and be at least 18 to 25 years of age to be able to join. If they were to be in the main Roman army, they had to be a citizen of Rome. What us meant by the 'main roman army' is all of the Roman Army excluding the auxiliaries, which will be explained later in this essay.

    • Word count: 2124

Conclusion analysis

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  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • William was successful at Hastings because of his leadership of the Normans.(TM) To what extent do you agree?

    "In conclusion, although William was a brilliant leader of the Normans his leadership was not the most important reason the Normans defeated the English at Hastings. It is true that he was a brilliant leader but I think that the most important reason was that the English were completely exhausted from the days of fighting and marching prior to the battle. This factor is the most important because the English were just not ready for another huge battle in the space of a few weeks. The Normans had been ready and rested for months so they had a huge advantage over the exhausted English. The other reasons did play a part in the defeat I think that if the English did not have to fight off Hardrada first, they would have beaten William. The Normans did have the cavalry and Harolds tactics were poor but the cavalry were largely ineffective against the English line until Haralds tactics came into play with his inability to control his men meant that the English came off the hill and so the cavalry found it easy to pick them off. Overall the most important reason was because the English were completely exhausted."

  • In 1815 the possibility of a united Italy was slight(TM) to what extent do you agree with this?

    "From the information I have gathered I conclude that I agree with the statement to a certain extent but not entirely. There are many reasons that the chance of a United Italy are slight and these reasons generally outweigh the arguments that its not. Most of the arguments against the statement also only hinder the arguments for it rather than exclude them completely. However even with this I fell that the way in which many of the states were run, soon enough the people would look to push for a United Italy as it would definitely be in their own personal interests."

  • Apartheid - To what extent did the statement in the novel Cry the Beloved Country,

    "Conclusion The aim of this research is to investigate the reasons for the implementation of Apartheid and to find out the effects of the implementation on the whites and the blacks in South Africa. In the process of investigating the sources, I discovered that some sources were rather one-sided. I also realised that some of the present work, especially the websites, have rather incomplete information on Apartheid, thus allowing my work to further expand on. Apartheid is a discrimination system in which whites are legalised to discriminate against the blacks therefore it is important to study this system to prevent it from appearing around the globe."

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