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GCSE: History Projects

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  1. Kenedy assassination

    Furthermore his wife did confirm that he owned a rifle and said he kept it in the garage. Next, evidence suggests that Kennedy was shot form the sixth floor of the book depository. This was the place that Oswald started to work at only over a month ago before the assassination. At the time of the assassin nobody was on the sixth floor except for Oswald. So who else could it have been? Also, just before Kennedy was shot, when he was driven down the street in Dallas Texas, all of the workers who were with Oswald went out to see Kennedy, however Oswald did not go with them and decided to stay inside the depository.

    • Word count: 955
  2. Arab-Israeli Conflict

    Jerusalem is a holy city for both religions. Jews believe that the land has always been promised to them. They lived there in 1500BC before being expelled by their Roman suppressers and have been persecuted everywhere they fled to. They all wished to return to the 'Promised Land' were they thought they would be safe. Muslims too feel that they have a right to this land. They believe that Allah promised the land to them and during the time that the Jews were not living there, had constructed many Islamic landmarks across the land.

    • Word count: 1282
  3. Battle of Hastings

    Harold gathered his army of 8,000 but only 1/10 of them were professional HouseCarls most of the 8,000 were made of Fyrd (part time soldiers that weren't as disciplined as the HouseCarls) and the rest were the Fyrd Militia(not at all experienced and didn't have proper weapons or armour) and prepared for the Norman invasion at the South of England but as the Normans didn't arrive and his men were getting hungry he had to send his men home but then Harald Hardrada had invaded northern England so Harold had to go and fight them and just after that William

    • Word count: 1002
  4. What Factors Helped the Spanish Conquistadors Conquer the New World?

    They were able to use guns because they traded with China for gunpowder, while on the other hand the natives only had their goods to build those weapons because of their isolation. Another advantage that goes with military technology is the armor. While the natives fought in bare skin any kind of attack could easily injure them. The Spanish people had armor and were protected against most of the Natives ways of attack, which gave them a very big advantage. Another gun-type weapon the Spanish had was the cannon. Cannons were used by Francisco Pizarro against the Incas, in Peru.

    • Word count: 1059
  5. Why did Stalemate develop on the Western front?

    Whilst the Germans marched o Paris, the French troops travelled on train and taxi! The British Expeditionary Force and the French managed to stop the German advance at the River Marne, later pushing the Germans back to the River Aisne. This is a main reason why Stalemate occurred on the western front as neither side could advance. Both sides turned to digging down for protection against sniper and shellfire this created the trenches. The ideal 'Blitzkrieg' war had turned stationary. A result of the battle of the Marne caused the trenches. This lead to stalemate on the western front as the Germans could not advance past the River Aisne, and the British and French could not push the Germans all the way out of France.

    • Word count: 695
  6. Joining WW II

    into war but the isolationists didn't let Roosevelt join the war even if it was the right thing to do since the American intervention was necessary. For example he non-aggression pact signed by Stalin and Hitler should have brought the U.S. into war but it didn't. This secret agreement, later become known by the attack of the USSR to the Eastern Poland, said that Germany and USSR will never attack each other and that they would have invaded Poland simultaneously and from the respective side in order to annex the Western Poland to Germany and the Eastern Poland to USSR.

    • Word count: 580
  7. Manifest Destiny

    If O'Sullivan never came up with this quote and great use of words, the United States would still have had a westward expansion, but the quote cleared things up amongst the people. The start of the westward expansion was at a time in which the United States was experiencing a time of high birth and immigration rates. Other factors for why people wanted to expand westward was the two economic depressions, frontier land was very inexpensive or free, and west coast ports could have oversea trading with pacific coast countries.

    • Word count: 976

    3 Foreign occupation of the Rhineland and Saar 4 Having to accept 'war guilt' and pay reparations. They argued that Germany alone was not responsible for the war. 5 The fact that while other peoples were given the right of self-determination, Austians and Germans were forbidden to unite. 6 The fact that Germany was the only country required to reduce its weapons and armed forces. Not only did the Treaty of Versailles bar the German-speaking peoples of East Prussia and Austria from living in Germany, but other treaties also cut off other groups of German-speaking peoples such as the creation of Czechoslovakia with its inclusion of the Sudetenland Germans.

    • Word count: 2318
  9. Select and explain the most important turning points in Nelson Mandelas life.

    He is very shocked and wants to do something about it. Mandela meets up with Walter Susilo and Oliver Tambo. Together with Anton Labede he joined the ANC which was the first important turning point in his life. They also formed the youth league and injected new life into the ANC. Mandela adds new aims in the ANC and takes over the youth club becoming a political figure. This is when he has starts to be recognised by the people. This is very important because this is when people first start forming views on him.

    • Word count: 1170
  10. History of Astrology Babylonian Astrology: The Babylonians believed that the sun, moon and planets (Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars) are phenomena for the communication of God with the humans.

    pig).The second one is that the Jade Emperor invited the animals for swimming competition to decide which animals to be name after each year. People believe that the one born under this sign his personality and characteristics is affected by the animal of this sign. (3) (http://www.ofesite.com/spirit/chinese/origin.htm,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac, http://www.iloveindia.com/astrology/chinese-astrology/history.html) (2) There are two stories came from this competition about why cats hate rate and why they hunt them. The first one is because the rate and the cat were the worst once in swimming, so they asked from the ox to take them on his back and he agreed, and before

    • Word count: 1461

    Some of these jobs included planting forests and digging ditches. These schemes were then extended to ambitious public works programmes organised by the German Labour Front. In addition, new motorways (autobahns) were built along with hospitals, schools, sports stadiums and other public buildings. These public places created thousands of jobs. Hitler and the Nazis also brought about rearmament, and began to rearm Germany. An armaments industry grew to make weapons and equipment needed. Conscription was then introduced which benefited the Germans greatly as it forced them to go and join the army.

    • Word count: 735
  12. Why did USA loose the Vietnam War?

    The other chemical weapon commonly used by USA was Napalm. It was a very dangerous weapon. It burned through clothes and sometimes even skin of Vietnamese people. The last US military tactic was "search and destroy". It was the least efficient from all of them, because according to the statistics for one Viet Cong weapon found, six civilians were killed. These tactics made USA look very unpopular in the eyes of Vietnamese people. This was a major issue, according to the fact that Viet Cong soldiers were dressed exactly the same as the civilians, and without the help of villagers it was very hard to distinguish Viet Cong from normal habitants.

    • Word count: 537
  13. Jack the Ripper Source Analysis Coursework

    Source B speculates that the murderer has 'considerable anatomical skill'. This view is partially supported by Source C - Dr Blackwell's choice of the word 'incision' also implies that the murderer has skill. Additionally, Source C's description of the cut makes the murderers intentions clear - he wants to instantly silence, and eventually kill his victim - with a swift cut across the windpipe. This supports the coroner's view that the murderer makes 'no meaningless cuts'. Both Sources A and B indicate that the way the victims were killed was exceptionally brutal.

    • Word count: 2480
  14. How important was natural, rather than supernatural, medicine in the treatment of disease in the Ancient World (10,000BC AD500)?

    This was the first cast made to take care of broken bones. However, supernatural treatments (included gods, and them believing that good and evil spirits created the world and entered the body at night and would make a person become ill) those started here as well and were attended by a medicine man. He would sing and chant and put the patient in a trance and would hold a crystal in one hand and a staff in the other. He would catch the evil spirits into the crystal and the patient would recover soon after.

    • Word count: 1157
  15. The Importance of Welfare, for Veterans, during World War II

    The exceptional benefits had encouraged the young and unemployed people to join the force, since it promised to provide the soldiers with housing after they came back from the war as veterans. One example would be the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which was a Crown corporation and owned by the Government of Canada. It was founded during World War II to provide housing for returning soldiers.

    • Word count: 569
  16. Were the Americans justified in dropping the Atomic Bombs on Japan in 1945?

    I knew what I was doing when I stopped the war. I have no regrets and under the circumstances I would do it again." This shows that the Americans were happy with the decision they made and that the only reason they did it was to save lives in the long run. This also shows that President Truman has no doubts that he did the only thing he could have done to stop the war, which the Japanese Started when the bombed Pearl Harbour to make an empire in the Far East.

    • Word count: 637
  17. Oscar Schindler: A Profiteer-turned-hero

    Schindler's attitude toward the pitiful Jewish people changed, while the other Germans were persecuting them. His compassion and respect for them had gained as he gradually came into contact with them. At first he was a cynical and greedy exploiter of slave workers in Krakow, who was entirely driven by the luring profit like every other usurping German industrialist. In view of the fact that the original reason he employed Jews in his factory was because Jewish labours were a lot cheaper than the "Poles", he did not intend to save them at all in the first place.

    • Word count: 858
  18. Spartan Society

    Finally a Democratic system was in place which was made up of all Spartiates (full Spartan citizens) over 18. 1 The main weakness was a large helot or slave population. In 725, the Spartans needed fertile land to feed a dramatically growing population. To fix this problem the Spartans marched over the Taygetus Mountains and seized all the territory of their neighbour, Messenia. The Spartans chose to seize this land because the Messenians had settled over very fertile land, and the Spartans then found themselves with more than enough land to support themselves and their newly conquered people.

    • Word count: 861
  19. Captain James Cook

    By the time he was 19 he had been made commander of a warship. He was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy. Cook was one of the few men to rise through the ranks from a seaman to a commander which made him more sympathetic to the needs of ordinary sailors. Although conditions on his ships were hard they were much better than many others. In 1769, the planet Venus was due to pass in front of the sun, a rare event that could only be visible in the southern hemisphere.

    • Word count: 626
  20. Gallic war

    * Rome continued to face foreign threats, which meant generals with armies had to be found. Many of these generals gained prominence in future (e.g. Pompey/Caesar). Pompey[Cd1]: significance of military and political career * Pompey was a general who often switched allegiances[Cd2], supporting whoever would give him political power. Generals in Rome were able to ignore the cursus honorum, as, in extraordinary circumstances, they could be appointed special powers without ever holding office. They army gave Pompey the political power he sought. * Military/political career of Pompey was exceptional and extraordinary. He was given proconsular and propraetorian commands without holding the qualifying office; he was consul in 70, seven years before the legal age.

    • Word count: 9099
  21. Divine Wind: Essay

    You know what I mean"(pg 35). Mitsy faces this issue throughout the whole novel but the struggle becomes harsher when the war starts to get into full action. Mitsy is really understood in the novel, even though she is from another race and speaks another language, she is stereo typed as an alien, because she is from a different race and looks different to everyone else." I suppose, that the Japanese were easily identified as aliens"(@). Zeke Sennosuke is another Japanese character in the novel who experiences misunderstanding.

    • Word count: 924
  22. What Caused the US Civil War?

    First, the main reason the war happened was because of slavery. Slavery, as we know was a big debate back then. The Southern states wanted to keep slavery so that the slaves could work on their plantations so their owners could make a business. The Northern states wanted it abolished, they thought that all people should be treated like any other person.

    • Word count: 487
  23. To what extent were Stalins economic policies successful?

    Stalin aimed to catch up the 50-100 years Russia was behind everyone else in 5-10 years. Another aim of industrialisation was to impress other countries. If this could be achieved then it would make Communism look good and everyone would be more likely to turn into a Communist country. A further aim was to create more urban workers. They would do this by taking peasants from the country side, who were natural enemies of Communism anyway, and put them in factories, mines and other industries. Not only would this make industrialisation faster but it also reduced the peasant's number.

    • Word count: 2297
  24. Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

    Secondly, the police did not get a clear description of what the Ripper actually looked like. Many of the witnesses that had claimed to have seen Jack the Ripper all had different description of what he looked like. Some people said Jack the Ripper was a small, bearded, foreign man in a deerstalker hat, whilst other described him as a tall, distinguished man. This confused the police of what Jack the Ripper may have looked like and they could not have arrested anyone of being the Ripper. Thirdly, time and resources was wasted on the police investigating over 200 men who claimed to be Jack the Ripper.

    • Word count: 851
  25. Alexander Von Humboldt in Colombia

    Los descubrimientos de Humboldt fueron factores claves para que los neogranadinos valoraran la riqueza geogr�fica con la que gozaban y los fines estrat�gicos con la cual podr�a ser usada. En su ensayo pol�tico Humboldt exalta la mala administraci�n de la monarqu�a Espa�ola en la Nueva Granada (Los criollos), argumenta "El gobierno municipal de acuerdo con su propia naturaleza, deber�a ser una de la principales bases de la libertad y la igualdad de los ciudadanos; pero en las colonias espa�olas ha degenerado en una aristocracia municipal"2.

    • Word count: 2269

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