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University Degree: Other Authors

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  1. Gail Jones, Sixty Lights, set in Australia, India and England in the 19th Century, follows the multi-faceted life of the capricious Lucy Strange as she develops her modernistic view of light and the world,

    ?What remade her world: The capture of light.?(Pg. 139). ?Sixty Lights? is set in the 19th Century Victorian society, where the rise of photography becomes apparent and expands to become the ubiquitous form of memory in the 21st Century. Photography; ?light writing? is the central theme in the novel, it is ambiguous in the sense that not only does Lucy develop her love and appreciation of this ?light writing? but also Gail Jones lexicon choice is a form of ?light writing?, creating whimsical images captured through her lexicon of image-laden words and light embedded words.

    • Word count: 3016
  2. Analysing Four American Short Stories - Joyce Carol Oates: Capital Punishment (1992)

    As the story unravels, it seems as though Mr. Brunty has a history of violence. Both in the second paragraph on page 268, where it seemed as though he?d hit Harriet, and in the third last paragraph on page 273, where he is close, but refrains from, as he remembers hitting his daughter in the past. This explains why she still has respect for him, even in her defiant teens. Both of them are proud beings with superior behavior. They worry about each other, him as he gets a phone call after her demonstrating against the death sentence of the inmate on page 269, ?Is she all right?

    • Word count: 2675
  3. Is Kalinda Ashtons The Danger Game an example of post-grunge? How?

    In true grunge spirit Ashton states that she is a writer because ?writing is the only thing that?s hung on? (Bookseller+Publisher magazine, 2010). Ashton as a writer has ventured away from the typical grunge stereotype by completing many years of university study. She has also gained respect and praise from the literary community through her debut novel The Danger Game which is also not representative of a traditional grunge novelist. The respect that Ashton has earned comes from the impeccable development of time and place in her novel, through a multi-faceted approach to tense and narration which flows flawlessly throughout all 288 pages.

    • Word count: 1001

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