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AS and A Level: Management & Manipulation of Information

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Hardware and Network issues in e-commerce

    5 star(s)

    Issues with broadband Due to it's shared network characteristics, Cable broadband users are subject to unauthorized access to their system in the same way LAN user could gain unauthorized into other systems. Also, in order to get DSL the user has to live within 12,000 to 18,000 feet to get it (Robson, 2000; Shultz, 2001). These are some issues concerned with the two most common broadband connections, however there are a few other issues concerned with broadband. Security As more and more ISP's are beginning to provide broadband access, the competition is heating up.

    • Word count: 4519
  2. Marked by a teacher

    The Internet is an important part of our everyday lives however it is not perfect. There are many merits and pitfalls of having easy access to the vast amounts of media and information provided on the Internet.

    4 star(s)

    The Internet has become one large cyber library with enormous amounts of information provided on almost every topic imaginable. The Internet is one collective site that provides one with all the information one could possibly hope for. Using the Internet saves a lot of time as opposed to searching through books upon books in a library just to find a page where the topic concerned is mentioned briefly. Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo provide you with instant access to hundreds of websites and files concerning the topic you wish to research. It takes a few seconds to type on your topic on a search engine and within moments, all the information you require is at the tip of your fingers.

    • Word count: 1876
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Information Retrieval tools. I have used a database to carry out my searches. I used Emerald because it was the best tool to use as it offers Boolean, limiting search, and proximity.

    3 star(s)

    Having a good source of authority (quality) will help me to receive maximum quality of information that is available. Phrase search is a good function but by on its own, it is not effective. This is the reason why I used phrase search with the other functions so the results would be high in quality. I have also searched for terms in particular fields for example, I have searched for NHS as a phrase search. I have also use the Boolean OR and AND at the same time. In those fields I have typed health and in the other safety.

    • Word count: 1661
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Capital Radio

    Capital Radio uses ICT to record people's interviews/demos of songs in their studio. The new generation of radio (DAB) has made Capital radio use ICT to make their station and owned stations to sound better. A very important thing to Capital Radio are their share holders. They use ICT so that they can show if their shares go up or go down, on the internet. They use ICT on their website to give people news updates, Music news, and Company info.

    • Word count: 914
  5. Marked by a teacher

    STELLA Science Simulation Software.

    Simulation can be used to show the eventual real effects of alternative conditions and courses of action. Simulation is also used when the real system cannot be engaged, because it may not be accessible, or it may be dangerous or unacceptable to engage, or it is being designed but not yet built, or it may simply not exist. Simulation is extensively used for educational purposes. It is frequently used by way of adaptive hypermedia. Simulation is often used in the training of civilian and military personnel. This usually occurs when it is prohibitively expensive or simply too dangerous to allow trainees to use the real equipment in the real world.

    • Word count: 2082
  6. Peer reviewed

    Creating Hyperlinks

    3 star(s)

    alignment, color, size, bold, format, etc by highlighting the text and using the toolbar. Accuracy To check the accuracy of my work, e.g. all of my links worked and that there were no spelling errors in the pages I got my friend to read through the page for spelling errors and dead links. Here is a spelling error that was found. and here is the correction Back-up saving To ensure that I dint lose any work if the computer crashed I regularly saved my work, I did this by clicking on the file menu and then "save all frames" or "save" button depending on which file page I was working on.

    • Word count: 820
  7. Managing Information Technology Security isnt simply a technology issue, its a business issue. Discuss

    Security breaches and data disclosure increasingly arise from criminal behavior motivated by financial gain. As additional evidence of this growing trend is sort, the Deloitte 2007 Global Security Survey of top global financial services institutions states the following and I quote "Information security is no longer a technology-focused problem. It has become the basis for business survival as much as any other issue". The survey also found that 81% of respondents, many more than in studies of previous years, feel that the issue of security has risen to the level of the C-suite or board as an issue of critical concern.

    • Word count: 987
  8. Designing a booking system for an Estate Agent.

    1.2 A description of the current system (or existing situation) and its environment. As mentioned from above the branch that I will be creating a project on is the office located at Herne Hill. The office has 10 computers that are password protected which are linked to a central server. They use these to communicate internally and externally through the use of email.

    • Word count: 21182
  9. Planning a payroll system for a martial arts school.

    Wayne Smith and Winston Newton are equipped with excellent management skills, enough to manage the company. They previously trained at Judo, Boxing, Ninja Kung Fu and Kickboxing. Winston is the head coach, has being studying the Art of Kickboxing for an astonishing 39 years. He has experience training many champions, including British, European and even world titles. There are several senior instructors such as Wayne Smith, who has trains youngsters, who have become champions at various venues. The team also teaches at community groups and organise summer projects in self-defence for the younger clients.

    • Word count: 2561
  10. In this document I will begin to explain why I have included the following features in my Exam Spreadsheet. The context is a system which you can order a window for your house or business.

    Macro - I made four macros in the page 'Find area'. There function is to perform a recorded set of keystrokes and to repeat these when initiated by the end user. One purpose of using a Macro in my first sheet is to intuitively navigate between pages. For example, if you'd like to proceed in your order, you'd press the action button named 'select order' which would initiate a macro to take you to the sheet 'order sheet'.

    • Word count: 927
  11. I was hired by Mr Davies to create a website for a newly built nursery, Leapfrog based in Dagenham. The sectary will then change and update the website weekly, to inform parents about coming events or information needed.

    Mr Davies could also employ a qualified ICT technician to manage the website. End user The end user will actively use the solutions, alter the input, update content, and use the output in some ways. User requirements Business requirements * Interesting * Easy to use and follow * Correct details * speedy loading time * Eye catching * Professional look Customer requirements * Readable text * Easy to navigate around the website * No grammar or spelling mistakes * Useful information Task Input, Process and Output Task Input Process Output Home page * Name of Nursery Enter the nursery name Re-size to fit the page Have nursery name on all webpages.

    • Word count: 2465
  12. Background and investigation for designing a database for a DVD rental shop.

    The case is then handed in to the reception along with the membership card, which is placed in the empty DVD case and stored under the counter. The rental is then recorded onto a rental sheet along with the members' details, the DVDs assigned number, how long the rental is for and the overall cost. The DVD is then given to the member in an empty case. During a visit to Mr Bradshaw's shop he could locate at least 3 DVD cases kept under the counter which had membership cards missing, he explained this happens on a regular basis and

    • Word count: 4263
  13. Free essay

    User skills and how they affect the design of my DVD database.

    Buttons will need to be generic throughout the database. The user guide will need to be very detailed covering all aspects of the database in easy to understand language, not using difficult terminology. Overview of the purpose of the system The filling of forms and saving them loading the system using the relevant command buttons and adding data to the system and deleting data Using queries and printing reports 2.Mrs Bradshaw Add new data- such as entering new customers, new DVDs and new rentals Editing data - Changing current data in the system Deleting data - deleting information on existing customers, DVDs or rentals.

    • Word count: 525
  14. Free essay

    Data Protection

    Installing a quality firewall: A firewall is a form of security system consisting of a combination of hardware and software that prevents unauthorized access or hacking into the computer system. It's a must to have it on your computer. Install an anti-spyware application: It's also a good idea to install an anti-spyware application because you can never be too sure. Spyware * Spyware are software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent. Unlike viruses, spyware does not usually self-replicate.

    • Word count: 1754
  15. Looking at the population profiles of two possible locations for a theme park.

    The second Area that I am studying as a possible destination is stoke on Trent These are the planning details for both stoke-on-Trent and Maidstone. From these statistics about both Maidstone and Stoke-on-Trent there are a lot of conclusions that can be drawn up.

    • Word count: 463
  16. A report on the impact of ICT

    I also shop for cloths DVDs and anything that I might need to get for birthdays of Christmas presents. The internet also provides me with very useful resources for school work and when it comes to exams I personally use YouTube to revise as people and teachers post videos which are easy to understand and can be replayed whenever you are ready. However most people will use sites such as BBC bite size which gives you lots of information and useful links. Also when I am at home I use the internet whilst gaming on my games console, with the internet I can play and talk to all of my friends who are online.

    • Word count: 1350
  17. ICT Security Report

    During 2005, alone it is understood that more than �1.5bn was stolen from British retailers alone. As well as just stealing from their employers, dishonest employees can use their position to manipulate and obtain customer information such as their bank details. By doing this they can then purchase items for themselves off transactional websites. As well as swindling the customers bank details they can also take there obtain the customers identity to commit other fraud offences such as selling the information off on the black market. An example of this was when an employee, a senior level database administrator of Fidelity National Information Services, a major US financial processing company 2.3 million consumer records containing bank account and credit card information as well as other personal information.

    • Word count: 4412
  18. Evaluate the tools and techniques used to create finished animations

    When you have created your animation there is also an option on the frame speed (fps) which allows you to speed up or slow down your animation. You can also cut and crop your image this is a good thing because you are able to do all of the animation and all the graphical work in the fireworks program. Whereas if you created the animation in any other software package then you will have to do the graphics in a program and the animation in another by doing it in fireworks you can do them both at the same time.

    • Word count: 1033
  19. Consequences for an organisation in implementing IT based changes

    When the company make changes such as this they may have to close the company for a couple of weeks so that the staff can go on a course so that they can get used to the new software packages. There could also be a problem with the staff because they will be unhappy that certain things are changing. They will be primarily unhappy due to you will be bringing in new things that they do not understand, but you will have to take this into consideration because if you don't consider this it could be a shock when it happens due to the employees will be getting worked up and you will be unaware of it.

    • Word count: 1023

    65 ?TRATEGIC FACTOR? 66 OPERATIONAL FACTOR? 69 CH?PTER 5: CONCLU?ION 75 CONCLU?ION? AND IMPLICATION? 75 IMPLICATION? FOR FUTURE RE?EARCH 79 REFERENCES 81 BIBLIOGRAPHY 89 APPENDIX 94 FIGURE 1 94 FIGURE 2 95 FIGURE 3 96 INTERVIEW GUIDE 97 EXTERNAL CON?IDERATION? 97 Input 97 Output 98 Competition 98 INTERNAL CON?IDERATION? 99 ?trategic factor? 99 Operational factor? 100 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Rever?e logi?tic? i? ba?ically the proce?? of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, co?t-effective flow of raw material?, in-proce?? inventory, fini?hed good? and related information from the point of con?umption to the point of origin for the purpo?e of recapturing or creating value or for proper di?po?al (Daugherty et al., 2002, pp.85-106).

    • Word count: 22361
  21. Organisational Modification in Activities

    They also upgrade their systems to satisfy customers by being able to perform task faster for them and being able to help them by allowing them to view help pages on the internet. SECURITY They will upgrade their security to keep their customers safe from fraudulent activity and from people hacking into their system.

    • Word count: 470
  22. Business Systems

    * Record data in Excel or Databases * Customer relationship management - (target emails, categorized customers ) * Newsletters and adverts (efficient way to advertise a product) Adapting new purchasing opportunities e.g. EDI and automated ordering: Adapting new purchasing opportunities e.g. EDI and automated ordering can help a business in many ways. For instance, if the shelves need restocking the system will sort that out automatically due to the fact that when a particular product goes down to a limited number, and then the system will automatically order that particular product by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

    • Word count: 1722
  23. Customer experience

    The actual purchasing of items is easy as well due to the presentation of the purchasing steps. It is a step by step format: * Firstly the customer adds the items to the basket * Then the customer looks at the shipping and handling price, confirms the currency * Then the customer logs in * Then the customer confirms what address the items to be sent to * Then the method of payment * And then the confirmation that the products have been purchased The customer aftercare is important as well.

    • Word count: 797
  24. Everything about Digital Divide

    According to the percentage it can separate countries in different groups, like the image on the right shows it. This image compares the accesses to computers per 100 people. On this graph you can notice that the developed countries have a higher percentage than the developing countries. However according to a World Bank report the Global Digital Divide "is rapidly closing". Thereafter people in developing countries are increasingly getting access to technology. About 50% of the global population now has access to fixed-line telephone and almost 80% to a mobile network.

    • Word count: 1295
  25. software development

    * A basic understanding of the fundamental business problem is necessary to avoid solving the wrong problem. * Agile: Agile software development is an emerging force in the world of software development designed to face the challenges of a marketplace. Changing requirements and shorter deadlines have led to an increased variation from the practices of traditional, heavyweight processes to the adoption of practices which advance more lightweight development environment. In general, Agile methodologies value a flexible process receptive to change rather than a accurate process encumbered by limitations. Agile development itself is a philosophy rather than a process, but has spawned a number of Agile development methodologies, such as Crystal, Scrum, DSDM, as well as the most well-defined Agile process.

    • Word count: 1537

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Evaluate the tools and techniques used to create finished animations

    "Conclusion Overall I don't think that fireworks is a very good animation making program, everything just seems a little static to me, and there is not much going on. I prefer the flash animation over this because you are able to create animations allot faster than you can with the others. I believe that Photoshop is a very good animation program but it is hard to use. Really i don't think that fireworks is very good, it's ok for beginners to show them how animations work and how to create them but that's pretty much it."

  • Discuss Data Base Management Systems.

    "To conclude, we sum up by reiterating Masiiwa and Kabanda's definition that a database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning. By data, they mean the known facts that can be recorded and have implicit meaning. Organisations need this system or a DBMS in place because it stores tonnes of information that otherwise would be cumbersome to retrieve if everything was on lever arch files and papers and in employees offices."

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