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GCSE: Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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Writing to inform

  1. 1 Give factual information and use a formal style.
  2. 2 Use straightforward language to convey essential information. Your audience could be anyone.
  3. 3 Use the present tense, write in short clear sentences, address the reader as 'you'. Use connectives and technical terms.
  4. 4 Break up your writing with diagrams, illustrations, images and subheadings.
  5. 5 You can give more information (eg: why and what you find interesting) and the genre could ask you to give instructions, write recipes, give directions or write manuals.

Writing to explain

  1. 1 Establish who you are writing to and why you are writing.
  2. 2 Genre – Explaining data, giving a speech or explaining how a mechanism works.
  3. 3 Purpose – To be clear, to show meaning and to make something clearer.
  4. 4 Write in the third person, use either past or present tenses, use clear factual language.
  5. 5 Give a balanced view and use connectives of comparison (whereas, though, while, unless, however).

Writing to describe

  1. 1 Your thoughts and feelings are important.
  2. 2 Genre – Writing a story, describe a scene, writing a diary entry.
  3. 3 Purpose is to build an image in the reader's mind.
  4. 4 Use adjectives and adverbs, similes, metaphors and all five senses ( touch, smell, taste, sight, sound).

  • Marked by Teachers essays 61
  • Peer Reviewed essays 37
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  1. Each Piece Has It's Purpose. Where was Tanzania anyway? I took out my pocket jigsaw globe one of the worst presents...ever, but I had decided to keep because it was a gift from my strange but cool aunt that owned many weird and wonderful things

    Brown square-toed shoes that were scuffed mercilessly were a usual addition to his attire, and sometimes a red and yellow plaid shirt to top it all off. He grinned all the time revealing the metal factory inside his mouth and had always had the annoying habit of smearing his tongue across the top row of his teeth. Sometimes I even had to admit to myself that he was an embarrassment. I was trying to give myself an excuse not to work, and performed a very enthusiastic two-handed wave over to him.

    • Word count: 4652
  2. Kimino falls in love. They exchanged glances, he was strong, tall and handsome his hair was dark and lustrous, his eyes were blue and clear like crystal raindrops

    A Couple of week's later; Kimiko was making her way outside the college gates towards the bus stop. She stood there frigid and desolate. Kimiko was shivering; as it was windy and cold; she pushed a stray wisp of chestnut coloured hair off her forehead and looked around the bus stop. "I wish there was a telephone," murmuring to herself. "Well there isn't, and its five miles to the nearest town," Yukio said as he appeared unexpectedly. Kimiko looked startled.

    • Word count: 3198
  3. Story - Big Mistake. Dad! I shouted, Im going out! I ran down the stairs, remembering the creak of the third step. He was standing at the bottom, trying to look angry, ending up sad.

    "I just wish you would try. You do this deliberately, just because you know it upsets me. What did I ever do to you?" There was a long pause. I looked him straight in the face. "You let mum die." He looked at me with shock in his eyes. "I didn't let her die. There wasn't anything anyone could have done." He whispered. "You put her off going to the doctor. And only because you were scared." I spat the word, letting him know what I thought of him. He looked down and stepped backwards as I pushed past him. "Don't be too late." he muttered.

    • Word count: 3130
  4. English Creative Writing Task

    As the dim sunlight faded, Allanah ran ahead and got the adults to take her back to the hotel, because she was tired. This left Fallon and Gareth walking along the dark beach together. As the hours passed, Gareth and Fallon forgot their years of awkwardness and were laughing so hard, they had to stop and catch their breath for a while. At the hotel bar, both Gareth's parent and Fallon's parents sat very pleased with themselves. As Fallon and Gareth carried on after catching their breath, Fallons thoughts kept flickering back to Damon.

    • Word count: 3343
  5. Romeo and Juliet

    This is because people at that time believed that Italy was a romantic and interesting place. So setting the play in Renaissance Italy would make the play more interesting and make the audience think that it is going to be an interesting play. Shakespeare also set some of his plays in Italy because in some of the plays, it shows some parts that are criticizing the country and if Shakespeare set his plays in England the king or queen would have beheaded him. There are some differences between the realities of Renaissance Italy and the settings of Romeo and Juliet.

    • Word count: 5598
  6. Heart of Autumn

    My dreams were shattered, and that's when something hit my head with a thud. I opened my eyes and realized I was in bed. What hit me was my twin sister, Susan, throwing a pillow at me. It was her way of telling me she would appreciate it if I woke up. Lovely? I kept telling myself that it was just a bad dream. Just a bad dream. After forcing myself out of bed, I walked towards the bathroom, giving Susan my dirtiest look.

    • Word count: 3823
  7. Creative writing-Mistaken Identity. For a while everything seemed normal- the rhythm of the engine, the flashes of the lights on the wings, suddenly. BANG!

    Heads rested on the blue patch pillows that bellowed out dust with every movement. Chairs hung back and legs flung forward. Eyes closed and no sound to be heard other than the slow pitch snoring of a few. The captain continued to drive the plane forward, he had turned the Seatbelt sign off three hours ago, but could see on his radar that he was heading for something. Not quite sure yet what it was that was appearing, he turned on the seat belt light, as a precaution. "This is your Captain speaking once again, and I must explain to you all that I have turned the seat belt sign back on, I don't wish to frighten you but I believe we could be coming up against a strong wind.

    • Word count: 3048
  8. Great Expectations

    Are they afraid? Do scary things happen? The word nettles may tell you that pip might get stung. It could also mean that it's not a very safe place for a young, innocent child to be at especially alone. The churchyard is described as a very unpleasant place to be at. "Dark flat wilderness beyond the churchyard, intersected with dykes and mounds and gates". The word dark may make the reader picture a dark place in there head of the churchyard being a terrifying place for poor little pip. Charles Dickens has also used a personification. "...the wind was rushing".

    • Word count: 3204
  9. Revision : Blood Brothers

    Mrs Lyons is crushed by the news that Eddie is mingling with working class children and is especially worried about his new friendship with the boy she knows is Eddie's twin. In order to try to keep Eddie to herself she persuades her husband to move. He agrees, hoping that this might help his wife to recover and return to her old self. As Eddie takes his leave of the Johnstone family, we see a tender exchange between Mrs Johnstone and Eddie.

    • Word count: 3033
  10. How does Shakespeare make the prologue and act 1 exciting, dramatic and memorable for the audience? How does he prepare us for the tragedy to come?

    His fierce temperament match's Tybalt but also contrasts with Benvolio's temperament balancing the effect on Romeo. Mercutio is killed in the third act to highlight the violence between the families. A theme throughout the play is courtly love; a European tradition dating back to the Middle Ages which was a set of rules detailing how the aristocracy should behave as lovers. The man should fall in love with a woman of higher class and she in turn must reject him as displayed in the play by Romeo and his unrequited love for Rosaline, who is not shown in the play.

    • Word count: 4586
  11. Romeo and Juliet

    Liking what you are doing provides virtue and happiness and so there are particulars although having generalities and room for potential and ability to rise above others is evil. This is the message that the director provides the students to show that this is the best way forward and that the way it was carried out 'before-Ford' was a problem to all. "Year of stability A.F 632" pg.2 The director talking to the students, always refers to what they are doing as the "year of stability", the year were the process of what they are doing to create a brave new world stabilizes and continues to bring well-being to those brought up with it.

    • Word count: 4432
  12. Comparison of two ghost stories

    The central character Laura is dying, and is talking to her friend, Amanda, about reincarnation. Here Saki not only displays his unique wit, but also touches on elements of religion. Reincarnation could be seen as a rather scandalous idea in his day, yet by writing about it in an utterly British way, with wit rather than fervour, he makes it seem possible. Laura proclaims to Amanda that she would probably reincarnate into a lower organism, having been 'mean and vindictive' - especially to Amandas husband, Egbert. She suggests she may return as something lovely and playful, such as an otter.

    • Word count: 3828
  13. Great Expectations

    Personification is used while describing the graveyard to create the mood of the setting and can connect to what may happen in the story. Phrases used for this include 'savage lair' and 'raw afternoon'. 'Raw afternoon' adds effect because a possible meaning of this is that it means the afternoon is cold or is painful. This adds tension to the graveyard as it means that something could possibly happen to do with the characters, or that the weather is incredibly bad.

    • Word count: 3502
  14. How is the theme of class developed in GReat EXpectations

    Pip also lives with Joe, the husband of Mrs Joe, Joe although an adult is seen by pip as a social equal, for example "greater spices of child" suggests. Joe unlike his wife is sweet tempted and along with pip are "fellow suffers" we might even suggest that they are each others confidante. He is also very protective of pip "great leg" which is in my opinion very fatherly. Joe is described as having "eyes of such much undecided blue that it seemed to mix with the white" the colour blue links to innocent and softness this would make us think that Joe is a good-hearted and soft man.

    • Word count: 3068
  15. Explore Dickens notion of what it means to be a true gentleman in

    It is a change as he usually compares people to himself and how they should improve and change to comply with the "gentleman" stereotype. However the use of the phrase "Hercules in strength, and also in weakness" shows that Pip has not completely changed and is still looking at what is on the outside and not what people are like in the inside. Charles Dickens utilizes the word "Hercules" to show Joe to be an incredibly strong man in many things, not just in the physical aspect, but he also adds "and also in weakness."

    • Word count: 3894
  16. Slavery - the diary entries of Kunta Kinte

    Anyway my father taught me a valuable lesson the other day about defending yourself against leopards. I will tell you the story about what happened ... yesterday I was looking after all the goats letting them go on a different patch of grass for food when all of a sudden a leopard run out and got one of the three she goats we had resulting in us now only having two. Nevertheless I tried to scare him off by shooting stone at the beast and shouting at it and it eventually ran away but when my father was my age

    • Word count: 5699
  17. Roger Mcgough

    The title stands for itself- a man singing in the rain because he is in love. The last poem is the parody of the poem, which is known as stinging in the rain, which is written by Roger Mcgough. This poem is about tackling with global issues right now, which concerns most of the people, which is acid rain. The titles Roger Mcgough uses for his poem stands out itself. It delivers the message to the audience instantly and the audience knows what they can expect from this as no surprise is created in Roger Mcgough's creations.

    • Word count: 4186
  18. Imagine you survived the Titanic disaster - write a descriptive piece about your experiences

    Strolling up the staircase, as I entered the ship, people were pushing and shoving, struggling to reach the main deck of the Titanic in order to wave to the apparently unfortunate people that the vessel would leave behind. I decided not to join the throng of passengers and instead walked around the living quarters of the 1st class. Since my employer had only managed to secure a 3rd class ticket on board the Titanic, I had to be careful as the separation of class in the Titanic was obviously noticeable.

    • Word count: 3305
  19. I bolted upright and screamed, releasing the surge of terror, pain and blackness that had previously engulfed me

    Secondly a quiet mechanical whirr filled my ears, overpowering the now almost unbearable hum, though something of a welcome, I feared what the new noises would bring. The curved metal plate that had been restricting my view moved aside, sliding round and back behind my head. In place of the restricting metal sheet my eyes were greeted by a blinding white light. As my pupils contracted I realised I would be faced with the room. After several seconds the light was still there, but then I realised the blinding light had indeed subsided, on every surface, above, in front, left,

    • Word count: 4022
  20. Let him have it

    The background music is sad, gentle and to some extent slightly emotional providing a sense of unhappiness. As the credits continue, the music gets louder and louder. This creates suspense in the audience, making the viewer believe that something is going to happen. The credits dissipate and then we can here bomb blasts, providing an indication that the first scene is going to be set during a war. This is effective because we can imagine the scene from the sound before we can view it. The first scene reveals the trauma suffered by people living in London during World War II.

    • Word count: 3284
  21. Two for One - imaginative writing

    "W-w-ho are you?" Peters stuttered. He spoke with a strong American accent. "And how did you get in here?!" The man said nothing but started taking large strides towards Peters, his gun still held high. Peters gulped and scanned the room for an exit. He dashed towards the fire exit. But it was too late. The man fired. It hit Peter square in his thigh. The pain was excruciating and he instantly started to feel weary. He tried looking down but his eyelids drooped shut and he fell limply to the floor. Johnson was sat comfortably on his deep black leather chair.

    • Word count: 3026
  22. The Friend

    We here at Imperial Plumbing Industries are all sorry to lose a hard worker as you. Dave Jackson Imperial Plumbing Industries As Jay finished the letter he couldn't believe what had just happened he was now jobless and so had no way of providing for his family. He didn't know what to do he stood at the door like he was frozen in time. If he didn't pull himself together soon he would be would be deeply in debt or worse homeless.

    • Word count: 3072
  23. Macbeth - Shakespeare

    This declarative statement emphasises his refusal to act wrongly. Everyone values Macbeth and all believe he is an incredible fighter and to emphasise this, Shakespeare uses a simile to show it to be true 'like valour's minion curved out his passage'. This portrays how Macbeth puts others before him and cares about them. Lastly you can see Macbeth's loyalty as he talks to the witches because he has potential and wants to be a leader but does not do anything about it; when he is told he will be of a higher status he is shocked and refuses to believe that it may come true.

    • Word count: 3190
  24. Remembering Babylon - Significance of Preforatory Quotes, Gemmy is Both Symbol and Character, Profile of Two Characters, Significance of Mr. Frazer's Notebook, Language is a Recurring Motif, Symbolism, Literary Techniques to Convey Values and Themes, Malo

    This sense of the Indigenous society being representative of Jerusalem is reinforced when, at the end of the novel, Gemmy seeks redemption with the Aboriginals after experiencing the brutality of the white society's Babylon, and returns to them in body, spirit and soul. It is therefore evident that this quote holds a significant amount of sway over the psychological level that the reader is on when beginning the novel, and therefore determines their interpretation of the ideas and meanings that Malouf conveys later in the novel.

    • Word count: 4248
  25. History of English: The media and English.

    This essay traces the development of English along a diachronic route whilst investigating the effects of the media synchronically. It begins with a discussion on Old English then investigates lexical diffusion and the Great Vowel Change, both the results of developments in society as towns begin to develop. The essay then focuses on contemporary English and the effect the media has had on its development, clearly showing in the process that, rather than having a detrimental effect on English, it has ultimately provided the tool for its survival and ultimately for its development as a lingua franca.

    • Word count: 3106

Conclusion analysis

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How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?

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