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University Degree: David Guterson

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  1. Snow Falling On Cedars - Chapter 1 Essay: Plot, Setting And Character.

    With the help of the narrator, however, the readers get a view into his thoughts. 'he realized now.' Through this use of focalisation the reader learns a little about his thoughts. 'furious wind-whipped flakes against the windows- struck him as infinitely beautiful.' This highlights that he can appreciate nature but there is also a slight indication at anger. The snow may also serve as a metaphor- the fact he cannot feel or touch this beauty represents his isolation from the community because he is an accused man and perhaps (as we later find out) because he is Japanese.

    • Word count: 1158
  2. What do we learn about different aspects of prejudice in chapter seven of 'Snow Falling on Cedars' from the way Gutterson uses language?

    The prejudiced members of San do not refer to the Japanese people by their real names so that their own discriminations can be justified. By not giving the Japanese their own identities, the prejudiced community can get away with abusing them without a conscience. Gutterson lists the different amenities that the Japanese community have in their area of San Piedro - 'an ice cream parlour, a tofu shop'. By placing a typically American shop - the ice cream parlour - next to a stereotypical Japanese shop in the list - a tofu shop - Gutterson manages to convey that the San Piedro islanders believe that Japanese have almost invaded American territory - they are not welcome.

    • Word count: 1154
  3. 'The Keepers of the House' - Commentry.

    The prose is written in first person perspective, hence the reader is able to attain a better understanding and insight into the feelings and attitudes the protagonist has towards the situations which are taking place. The use of dialogue becomes a common literary technique that enhances the reader's understanding and gratitude towards the prose. This style of writing stands out from the rest of the extract, hence adding implication and apprehension to the prose becoming an important feature of the extract.

    • Word count: 1505

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