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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. Implementation of ict project

    This is an improvement to the system as it wasn't in the User requirements. I have added it because this data will need to be saved so that the user can look at what is selling well over some time for example. Other macro buttons added are main menu this allows the user the user to go back to main screen, to access any other page. The weekly sales sheet also uses data validation, in the form of a drop list. This means users cannot enter any data except what is being shown from the stock database.

    • Word count: 2044
  2. System Testing of project

    Test number Test How it will be tested Expected result Result 4 See if When an item of stock goes below 3 should show error message update stock Run a macro on database to see if stock is below 4 When an item has stock below 4 should show a message about updating stock. Result: As you can see the stock item has reached below a stock level of that quantity of four, so it has been highlighted in red.

    • Word count: 912
  3. Operating Systems: Specifications and Upgrades

    will come on a CD ROM as standard, meaning they will need one to install software. CD Drives are not expensive; a run-of-the mill drive (with recording capabilities) will only set you back around �20-�30. I will justify this by saying that it will give the Tanzanians many more options when it comes to using their machines, and it will offer them any kind of software they like, meaning they will get more use out of the machines. First of all, I will allocate money to purchase the various software and peripherals for the system.

    • Word count: 1356
  4. BTEC IT PRACTITIONERS - Unit 23 - Installing and Upgrading Software

    (P5) Step Yes / No Details Initial Agreement Signed Yes Customers signature on agreement. Suitable Software Licenses Yes License for 6 PC's, Three PC's require the software. Suitable Operating System Yes PC's installed with Windows XP Professional SP2 Suitable RAM Yes 2GB RAM installed. Suitable Graphics Card Yes 800MHz Sapphire Radion HD 2900 GT 256B Suitable Sound Card Originally No, Yes Old soundcard replaced with Asonic C-Media CM18768+8CH to enable compatibility. Suitable Processor Yes Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor E2140 1024KB L2 Cache 800Mhz Is there enough space on the hard drive? Yes 150GB hard drive, 15GB used. Software uses 1GB of space New functions to the software Yes Similar interface, no compulsory training needed.

    • Word count: 1635
  5. ict unit 9 website

    It says "owning a Honda living a dream" which Is Honda's slogan. 15. This is a text box containing an introduction to the shop of JD's Honda which has decided to design a website for those people which cannot get to the shop. 16. This is text showing the copyright of the website and that belongs to the website should not be used else where on anyone else's websites. 17. The final thing on this page is the hit counter which is situated at the bottom of the page for counting how many people visit the site.

    • Word count: 1993
  6. The data Processing Cycle and processing methods

    The diagram below shows the data processing cycle. The processing cycle has 4 different stages in order they are Collection, Input, Processing and Meaningful output. It works like this, the data is collected after it's collected it will be inputted, then it will get processed and finally the data is outputted it can be outputted as meaningful data. The arrows with the dashes that goes from meaningful/output to collection can also be used again for the collections. This does not happen often but it is possible. If it did happen it works out something like this: Collection Input Process Meaningful Output Different stages of the cycle Collection The first stage is the collection here all the information/data is collected.

    • Word count: 2104
  7. Implementation of a switchboard.

    The button uses A recorded macro and generates onto my application form which is made using the "Toolbox". Here is my application form: My application form has a lot of VB coding to it, for example; when I have filed in all the box's and press sent, it will reset all the box's to there initial state, as well as bring up a message saying "Your Application has been sent" as

    • Word count: 413
  8. Solving and Reducing Internet Problems

    Adware - irksome advertising and snooping software Scams - For example, phishing, where users are taken to spoof web sites pretending to be legitimate businesses where they are asked to re-register. Newer browsers have an anti-phishing scanning feature to counteract this. Key Internet Issues Privacy - Much of the discussion related to data protection and privacy revolves around issues related to the WHOIS databases. These databases are used to register information about Internet resources (such as domain names, IP addresses, and related resources).

    • Word count: 1956
  9. Internet and Internet Activities

    Findings: The Internet works on the basis that some computers act as 'servers'. These computers offer services for other computers that are assessing or requesting information these are know as 'clients'. Servers are high capacity computers that offer services to client computers that can connect to it. This means sitting in the rooms at home, school or college computer workshop, people are able to access the Internet because every PC has a connection to a server. Every PC has software loaded on it called a browser. This software is often Internet Explorer, but possibly Netscape or Morzilla Firefox takes the requests for the Internet access and services and then displays the results on the PC.

    • Word count: 2247
  10. Topshop Transactional website

    Punk, Office etc and different types of designer that design for Topshop e.g. Celia Birtwell Topshop Boutique - This option also shows you different types of designers but the designers are not house hold names but are well known e.g. Richard Nicoll and Markus Lupfer. The TEE shop - the tee shop shows the different style of plain t-shirts you can purchase in every colour so that if you're looking for a simple top it will be easily found. The denim shop - this includes all denim items the Topshop provide e.g. Jeans.

    • Word count: 2519
  11. Making a relationship database for Beardwood High School.

    These two tables that I firstly started to create the borrowers table which contains the borrower's personal details such as his or her address, year group, date of birth. And the other main table was the books table which will hold book details such as the books title, author, ISBN. The screen print below shows my complete table design for the Borrowers table which includes the fields that I will need for the borrowers table. The table below meets my end users requirements as it will store information about the borrowers such as his or her personal details which can

    • Word count: 1673
  12. ICT AS-Level Coursework

    The customer should be able to purchase more than one of the same items. 8. There must be a Print button on the receipt are so that the user may print off the receipt. 9. The program needs to be simple easy to use and powerful. 10. The information of Unique Fashions Ltd. must be on the receipt such as the telephone number the fax number. 11. The receipt needs to have a friendly greeting on it such as "Thank You for Shopping with Us Please Call Again!"

    • Word count: 12363
  13. Internet statement investigation of supermarkets

    However this causes a problem when investigating my statement including clothing and accessories. When researching a particular market on the internet shopping sites are the main focus with sponsored links and main advertising on the top pages of the web page. Typing in the statement can compile a large amount of results so key words are selected from the whole phrase. In my statement "clothing", "accessories", "female" and "male" all target the online retail market, therefore only showing results for online shopping.

    • Word count: 3567
  14. Cunha & Ribeiro Ltd: Stock Control & Invoice Database

    87 Deliveries Report 88 Invoice 89 Outstanding Payments 90 Error Messages 91 Error 1001 91 Error 1002 92 Error 1003 93 Error 1004 94 Error 1005 94 Error 1005 95 Error 1006 96 Error 1007 97 Data Structures 98 Relationships 98 Customer Table 99 Deliveries Table 100 Payment Plan Table 101 Sales Table 102 Stock Table 103 Test Plan 104 Test Results 107 Implementation 111 Implementation Plan 111 Method of Changeover 111 User Testing of System 112 Letter from User 113 Training of Users 114 Hardware/Software Acquisition and Installation 115 Calendar of Dates 115 User Acceptance 116 Appropriateness of Structure

    • Word count: 16932
  15. Using ICT to communicate

    The letter is used to advertise the AQA course to teaching staff and to encourage the Business studies department to attend the AQA support meetings to enhance teaching abilities in the subject and to improve exam grades. The letter clearly points out the advantages of going on this course in bold writing, "Offer relevant and proven guidance based on successful past practice, are led by experienced examiners and teacher." this is done to attract attention straight away and try and persuade you to attend the course before you have even read the leaflet.

    • Word count: 8049
  16. Business communications

    Although the fax has some risk of safety issues it is much quicker and safer than using the post and the blood test results could play a major role in getting a pet passport or even in finding out an illness in an animal. The fax machine is could also be used to communicate with suppliers and could be used to contact and send faxes to staff. Section-2 PDA 2.1 Technology A Personal Digital Assistant is an electronic device, a handheld computer, a mobile phone, a music player, it has the Internet, used to send and receive emails, word processing,

    • Word count: 1554
  17. Specification - The company keeps a stock of products which are needs in the business. They check, the number of each product on stock and the products which needs to be ordered done manually.

    I decided to do this by conducting a questionnaire that I put forward to Mr. A.S.Mudhar during the interview. The questions which were asked in the interview and the response from Mr. A.S.Mudhar are the shown below: Q1. How long have you been working in this company for? ANS: I have been working in this business for 20 years since it was set up. Q2. Do you use a computerised stock control system in your organisation? ANS: No, but I would like to use one.

    • Word count: 4430
  18. ict work 2

    However, these can only be accessed by individuals and companies who have the means of accessing these technologies. As these technologies are relatively expensive to own, these are mainly accessible to the industrialized and MEDC (most economical developed country) countries. These countries use various forms and resources in order to use these systems effectively. In other word, countries that are in the developing/third world simply do not have the financial resources to apply these systems. Furthermore, in the 'extreme' places of the world, due to various hazardous weather systems these technologies cannot be used. Another disadvantage of using these systems is the various health problems they use.

    • Word count: 1546
  19. Car Price Calculator

    as well as that details of the car that is being bought by that customer. If the customer replies in favour of buying car parts then he enquired about the make and model of his/her car so that an apt car part is installed to prevent spoiling the relationship with the customer by installing an inappropriate car part. If the customer is short of time, they can enquire about the car/car part they need by telephone, this prevents the customer's time being wasted resulting a happier customer more likely to return. However this creates a problem for the employees because they have to work their way through an enormous amount of filing to find out

    • Word count: 2960
  20. ICT support

    This might also include training in existing processes that the old system used and any other new features. The correct training must given and ICT support staff might need to attend training courses in order to understand new technologies and gain qualifications that are recognised by organisations when employing. Training and support will be given to teach and train users to use the software and hardware of the new system and well as the general navigation around the new system (normally the OS in this case) Slide 5 This slide explains the documentation side of the end user support that should be given by ICT support staff.

    • Word count: 3022
  21. Communication Technology

    Advantages Disadvantages Cheap to maintain Possible 'bottlenecks' Easy to Install Tree (Hierarchical) A tree topology combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies. It consists of groups of star-configured workstations connected to a linear bus backbone cable. The main difference is it doesn't use one central node and they branch out to other nodes. The physical model of it is that it can consist of several layers of branches. Advantages Disadvantages Cheap Possible 'collisions' Easy to Install These topologies can also be mixed. The other possible topologies that need to be discussed are mainly developed from the original main connections; Extended Star This topology repeats a star model, except that each computer that links to the centre node, which is found to be in the centre of another star.

    • Word count: 1943
  22. Communications Protocol

    In addition, Ethernet and FDDI are also common LAN Technologies Components of a Local Area Network * Cable - Coaxial, twisted, fiber etc. * Servers - File, web and/or email service * Hubs/Switches * Workstations - Individual computers on the network * Local/Shared Peripherals - Printers, fax, remote CD's, backup devices etc. * Shared Peripherals - Connected on the servers and shared over the network * Interface Cards - Individual card for networks cards etc. * Network Protocol(s) - Language that it will use Networks are used for the following ways; 1.

    • Word count: 1919
  23. Systems Analysis

    � Better management information is required for decision-making. � The provision of better customer service Methodologies There are a number of ways in which systems analysis is identified, the actual analysis of the data found can be manipulated to provide different styles of results and breakdowns of the existing system, examples of these are; * DFD's * Data driven design - This perspective allows the developer to build a system from a view of all the data available from external sources, which looks at the data flow and stores of data.

    • Word count: 5436
  24. different kinds of software

    I did this to explain each business and to give a quick explanation of what they do. You can also describe things in proper detail from it features to how big it is on word processor, this is an advantage as I can briefly describe the business or I can describe the business with a lot of information. When doing essays it looks very good if the long document is presented in a written document as it makes my essay look more neat and better.

    • Word count: 1525
  25. Free essay

    Mulimedia Application Evaluation

    My application may also persuade or dissuade the user from seeing the band in the flesh. In order to evaluate my product efficiently I had to find 5 co-operators which will use the application under my observation. These co-operators should have come from the initial target audience, however, I was only able to find 3 people from my target audience, although I did get two other people of a younger age. I set out to test in both real and simulated environments, this means in the sense of something being real whether the product is usable, does the co-operator understand where they should go next, or where they will go to if they click a particular button.

    • Word count: 2262

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