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University Degree: Biological Sciences

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  1. Moreton Bay Marine Ecology

    • Word count: 4419
    • Submitted: 16/08/2017

"It has become part of the accepted wisdom to say that the twentieth century was the century of physics and the twenty-first century will be the century of biology."

-Freeman Dyson

If you want to study science at university, and you're endlessly fascinated by the profusion of life on earth, then you're bound to find a degree within the biological sciences to suit your needs. The biological sciences are broad and diverse, covering everything from genetics to zoology.

Lab work and its ever-present companion, the lab report, will be a prominent feature of any science degree. Brush up on your writing skills with Marked by Teachers' collection of teacher-marked biological sciences essays. Study our examples, and your papers will quickly evolve into something well-adapted to the rigours of university.

Depending upon the specialty, biological sciences degrees will involve a greater or lesser share of lab work, field work, and lectures. When studentsgraduate, they tend to pursue further study in the biological sciences, or careers in fields like education and biotechnology.


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