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University Degree: Healthcare

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  1. The aim of this essay is to investigate telephone befriending as a service from the point of view of the current Health and Social Care Policy and to explore how beneficial the service is in alleviating the feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

    measurable; while the other is emic vulnerability, concerning an individual's personal understanding of vulnerability and based on their own "experience of exposure to harm through challenges to their integrity" (Spiers, 2000, p. 718). When applying the term "vulnerability" to the aspects of social exclusion or low quality of life, factors like gender and ethnic inequalities, cultural patterns, political and welfare systems have to be equally considered (Hilhorst and Bankoff, 2004). On the other hand, people sometimes end up being in some ways "vulnerable" as the result of their own life histories, for example, being unmarried or childless can lead to loneliness and poverty in later life, making the individual dependent on social support and thus highly vulnerable (Grundy, 2006).

    • Word count: 6812
  2. This essay will focus on inter-professional working in health and social care delivery.

    Hall (2005) suggests inter-professional working is about professionals carrying out their own role, while working in partnership with other professionals to achieve joint goals. Inter-professional working between health and social care agencies promote effective ways of meeting the holistic needs of a person. Inter-professional working creates a wider safety net to avoid vulnerable children and adults at risk from slipping through the safety net between health and social care agencies. A collaborative approach provides a constant approach across all organisations (Quinney 2006). Irvine et al (2002) suggests that due to the nature of health and social care, Professionals have developed specialised skills.

    • Word count: 4123
  3. The Indian Health Service (IHS) was established within the Public Health Service in 1955 in order to meet federal treaty obligations to provide health services to members of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes.

    (Zuckerman, Haley, Roubideaux, & Lillie-Blanton, 2004). Through the tribally operated health facilities, recognized tribes have exercised their right to claim half of the IHS budget allocated by the federal government in order to manage their own health care programs. As of 2010, these facilities consisted of 33 hospitals, 59 health centers, and 50 health stations ("Indian Health Service", 2012). Organizational Structure The directors of IHS Headquarters offices, Area Offices and service units are responsible for maintaining an effective organizational structure within their areas of authority.

    • Word count: 4560
  4. The aim of this assignment is to critically evaluate the biopsychosocial perspectives and influences on the health and well being of a patient, a 38 year old gentleman who is dependent on alcohol.

    In the late eighteenth century knowledge and perception of health and illness had began to expand due to development of science and advancement of technology and that these developments have influenced the perception of health and illness according to the biomedical approach, (Rana and Upton, 2009). The biomedical model was developed in the late 19th century and proposed that 'illnesses are caused by physical entities or attributes, such as viruses and bacteria, injuries or biochemical imbalances (Engel, 1977: Schwartz 1982).

    • Word count: 7583
  5. To what extent do modern attitudes to mental illness reflect historical perspectives on an abnormal behaviour?

    This reminds us that even though we have come a long way, many times abnormal behaviour is still not openly discussed and sometimes our solution still involves institutionalising people who we have decided cannot operate as normal members of society Bromberg (1975) suggests that the work of psychotherapists have no clear cut beginnings and would seem to have been a part of a man's world, in various forms, from the earliest of times, perhaps a hundred thousand years ago. One of the first explanations of abnormal behaviour derives from the paranormal approach.

    • Word count: 2369
  6. This assignment will look at COPD and its associated problems as well as smoking as the main cause for the disease and what can be done to support patients like John through smoking cessation.

    the lungs , but it can produce other symptoms such as muscle wastage, weight loss, anxiety and depression, all of which need a wide range of skills from a multidisciplinary team. Making the correct diagnosis is paramount with COPD cases and this relies on clinical judgement as well as a positive spirometry. (Bellamy, 2005) Smoking is believed to cause 80-90% of COPD cases as cigarette smoke causes inflammation and damage to the lungs and it is the inflammation that can lead to COPD, therefore quitting smoking is the best way to avoid COPD or slow down the progression of the disease.

    • Word count: 2888
  7. The Individual Accessing Health & Social Care. This assignment discusses learning disabilities and how definitions differ, it looks at how people with learning disabilities can be helped to make their own informed decisions though health promotion and ed

    (Department of Health, 2001) In the USA learning disabilities is defined by the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois as 'A general term that refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities. These disorders are intrinsic to the individual, presumed to be due to central nervous system dysfunction, and may occur across the life span. Problems in self-regulatory behaviours, social perception, and social interaction may exist with learning disabilities but do not by themselves constitute a learning disability'. (Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois, 2005)

    • Word count: 3472
  8. Working environments for carers are often the living environments for care receivers. What are the issues raised by this statement?

    For example, Veronica and David lived in a three bedroom house which was unsuitable for her wheelchair use. She found everyday tasks such as washing and showering extremely difficult and always had to have help from David despite his own health concerns. She needed to be carried upstairs and she could not even go outside her home because the garden was unsafe for wheelchair use. The home environment is intricately linked to an individual's sense of identity and privacy but the limitations of their home meant Veronica was losing control over her life. Similarly David felt less able to leave the home in case she fell and needed him so it interrupted his shopping trips.

    • Word count: 1556
  9. Nursing Homes. The main objective of this research work is to assess the development of a skilled nursing health care facility and determine its foremost customers, stake holders, workforce and composition of nursing home, monetary sources and challenges

    On the whole, nursing homes are mainly classified under three major ownerships: * For-profit (66 percent) * Non-profit (27 percent) * Government (7 percent) For-profit nursing homes comprehend tax-paying system running under proprietorship or investor/stockholder possession by certified executives or as a secondary business of a company. Non-profit possession includes NGO's. Government based ownerships are comprises of health care organizations run under centralized system. Analysis of Health Services Setting Who are the primary customers? Till now we have learned the general overview of a typical nursing home or a skilled health care facility. Now the question arises is that for whom this health care facility is actually meant for?

    • Word count: 2433
  10. What Was I Thinking? Thoughts and Reactions to Disability Theory. The course Theorizing Disability sounds quite easy. This was what I thought when I registered for this course. Little did I know what I was in for.

    Many people see someone in a wheelchair and right away they feel the need to help them. They feel pity upon them. Unfortunately, this is also the way that I thought. I felt the need to pick things up all the time, hold the door open, go into stores for someone etc. Jim Derksen changed my opinion on this. He and the organization: Disabled People International found positive ways to look at certain situations. For example many people will say that a person in a wheel chair is confined to their chair. They look at the wheel chair as something negative.

    • Word count: 1479
  11. Health Locus of Control (HLC) is the degree to which individuals believe that their health is controlled by internal or external Factors.

    The developers discovered through observations of classes for newly diagnosed diabetic patients and their families that medical staff kept stressing the importance of the patient's active role in his or her own health care. Apparent was that the professionals were trying to get the patients to adopt an internal locus of control. This prompted the interest in the developers to relate Locus of Control to health care situations. Professionals at that time were unaware of Rotter's construct. Unsuccessful in trying to convince the professionals to structure their entire patient education program by incorporation of a social learning theoretical framework.

    • Word count: 1416
  12. Free essay

    Plastic surgery report. One of the contributions to the popularity of plastic surgery has been the advancements in technology and procedures.

    The first, which not only operate but also record their activity is Sushruta Samhita (Sushruta Samhita). The manipulation hasn't changed a lot over the last 3 000 years. His method was to pay part of the skin of the forehead and cheeks and carefully stretch it over the missing part of the nose. Subjected bamboo sticks instead of his nostrils. Over time the skin is stretching the edges and the nose heal. After World War II the plastic surgery was established as an independent specialty and it wasn't experimental anymore. And the rapid development leeks reached the 60's, 70's and 80's of 20th century, are now called "the golden age of plastic surgery.

    • Word count: 838
  13. Free essay

    Radiographic Imaging. The X-ray examination this assignment will critique is that of the Chest; chosen because it appears to be the most common procedure performed within X-ray departments.

    If the patient is supine, pleural fluid is evenly distributed along the posterior pleural space and can't be detected". The exposure factors for both of these techniques are as follows: Position kV mAs AP/PA 125 1.00 Lateral grid 117 12.5 A kV value of 125, for the AP/PA projection, is used because the image produced requires a low contrast for a quality diagnostic image. The x-ray beam becomes more energetic with higher voltage settings; thus the more energetic the "less effect the different levels of tissue density will have in attenuating the beam" (http://www.e-radiography.net). A chest x-ray has extreme tissues types to consider; ranging from high density bone to very low density air within the lungs. Fraser et al.

    • Word count: 919
  14. Community case study. The authors chosen township has a higher than national average of smoking and obesity rates which is reflected by the DH (2011b) which has identified health generally of individuals in this area is poorer than the average in England.

    There are noticeably a large number of fast food takeaways, which are all widely accessible within walking distance of the majority of people's homes. Within the community there are three hospitals, many General Practitioners surgeries, Health Centres and Fitness Centres. The authors chosen township has a higher than national average of smoking and obesity rates which is reflected by the DH (2011b) which has identified health generally of individuals in this area is poorer than the average in England. Life expectancy in the area is steadily increasing in line with the trends nationally and in the North West region.

    • Word count: 3342
  15. Assess the extent to which modern medicine challenges personal autonomy and well being in contemporary society and discuss whether sufficient efforts are being made to tackle these issues.

    So within this essay I will be discussing and assessing all of these critiques and coming to a conclusion as to whether modern medicine is a threat to personal autonomy and well being. Along with this I will also be discussing if efforts are being made to solve these problems and if the solutions are adequate. Illich and Iatrogenesis The core idea of personal autonomy is to have personal rule over one owns self whilst you are free from the interference of others and to act in a freely self chosen way.

    • Word count: 3661
  16. Health notes. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has narrowed its search down to three potential chronic conditions which include: asthma, arthritis, or depression. Before one specific disease domain can be talked about, some background on the pre

    of disorders which affects the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and other components of the musculoskeletal system (ASC, 2012). Even though it is non-life-threatening, arthritis affected approximately 4,451,557 million people in the year of 2010 - 1,706,044 million being male and 2,745,513 million being female, in total affecting 13.1% of Canada's entire population during the year (Statistics Canada, 2010). The values include males and females from the age group of 15 - 65 and over. Arthritis being quite common among the elder population, depression follows and has a greater toll on a wide range of populations among Canadians. Depression, in simple words can be described as the "ups" and "downs" in the daily lives of people (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2012).

    • Word count: 1882
  17. The purpose of this paper is to explore the problem of elderly abuse in nursing homes by first looking at how they operate, then by defining the most common types of abuse

    The paper will also look at the problems facing law enforcement when it comes to elderly abuse in nursing homes, as well as how elderly abuse can be prevented and reported. Nursing Home Operations, Regulations, and Patient Rights Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities are for people who need 24 hour nursing care. They offer both long-term and short-term care to the people who live there. Long-term care is for people who can no longer live by themselves because of physical, emotional, or mental problems.

    • Word count: 4586
  18. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of Prescription drug use and to assess patients perceived safety of these medications among citizens of Dwarka. The prevalence of over the counter drugs and other prescription drugs use was

    with chemists and healthcare providers. The study reveals thatPrescription drug use practices are more common among Wwell educated (graduated)married males( 58%) Thepractice of prescription drug use is mostly followed by service class having 3-4 members in the family, due to hectic lifestyle. About 76% of the people purchase drugs without prescription .Generally 75% of the people prefer to go to private clinic for treatment. Most common ailment for which people take drugs without prescription is headache and fever which is 75%and least for diarrhoea 7%.Regarding the frequency of intake of drugs in a day is highest up to 16% twice a day, then 15% thrice a week ,7% twice a month.

    • Word count: 5348
  19. Presbyopia and Progressive Powered Lenses.

    Progressive lenses should not be referred as multifocal lenses as they are not actually multifocals. They are, however, closely related to multifocals and are designed for the same people. International and Australian standards both indicate that a progressive is not a multifocal. (D. Wilson, 1999, p.77). However, as the British Standard states, it is a "special type of multifocal lens", which can be also classified as a varifocal lens. The advantages of progressive lenses are that they look like normal single vision lenses.

    • Word count: 1745
  20. The aim of this study was to investigate the health and nutritional status of older people living in sheltered accommodation. The objectives were to determine if health was poorer in rented rather than owned accommodation or in more deprived areas.

    and anthropometric measurements. No significance was found between housing tenures or areas of residence for dietary patterns or lifestyle factors. Significant associations were found between housing tenure and Body Mass Index (p 0.017) although the renters were significantly younger than the owners (p 0.01); and between area of residence for waist circumference (p 0.036) although the lowest prevalence of high-risk waist circumference was not found in the least deprived area. Over half of the participants in this study were overweight or obese and two-thirds had a raised waist circumference, risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    • Word count: 15137
  21. Discuss the importance of nutrition for health. It is the academic controversy surrounding what nutrients in the diet cause obesity and the consequences thereof on the adult population of the United Kingdom (UK) that will be focused on here in more depth

    that will be focused on here in more depth. Defining obesity is not straightforward. As Webb (2008) infers body fat is troublesome to measure accurately. It is for this reason, he claims, that the Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most accepted determiner of obesity. The BMI takes into account not only a person's weight but also their height. Williams (2001) states that obesity in the medical sense is a clinical term for excess fat accumulation commonly applied to persons who are at least 20% above a desired weight for their stature. The World Health Organisation (WHO)

    • Word count: 1813
  22. The US Health Care System. Most governments in the developed countries have taken the responsibility of ensuring affordable health care for their citizens. In order for efficiency and effectiveness in delivery, health care has been categorized into chron

    Operation of healthcare The number of trained medical practitioners in an economy determines the level of health care available to the population. Although research demographics would categorize countries according to the proportion of individuals per doctor, the current delivery of health care is a result of trained practitioners coming together in the industry. Other sectors that are active participants in ensuring delivery of health care to individual citizens are pharmacies, hospitals, health care equipment, and services companies (Broyles & Narine, 941-967).

    • Word count: 547
  23. In this assignment underage smoking will be discussed in detail and National and local health priorities will be identified in relation to children's nursing. Provision of current programmes will be noted and their effectiveness explored together with an

    (Muller 2007) Routine smoking can harm the growth of the lungs in children and young people, if this is not addressed, this could lead to the adolescent having to take a considerable amount of time away from school as a result. According to the Office for National statistics (2006) 11-15 year olds are smoking more regularly -equivalent to more than quarter of a million and among the ages of 16-19 year olds, it equates to three quarters of a million for this age group.

    • Word count: 1443
  24. The Effectiveness of Brief Interventions in Reducing Binge

    In recent years, however, the term has been altered to include a high intake of alcohol in a single drinking occasion (Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS), 2005). There are disagreements regarding the completeness of these definitions and other scholars assume a more appreciative definition can include quantification in the concept. They define binge drinking as the number of units of alcohol consumed, specifically eight or more units of alcohol per day for men, and six or more for women (Alcohol Concern 2003).

    • Word count: 18554
  25. The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the psychological, sociological and social policy perspective of a case study and discuss the impact which it has on public health. The key aspects which are crucial to this assignment are Jasons confusion a

    This could be due to confusion of sexuality or the difficulty surrounding "coming out" as a gay man or woman in society. The fears of "coming out" surround the ideation that they would be criticized and ridiculed by the community and their peers. Within regards to Jason's sexuality, confusion is a common thing surrounding people of this age, but can stem from early childhood and as early as infancy, as children are often pressured into gender roles, such as blue vs.

    • Word count: 2765

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