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University Degree: Healthcare

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  1. Care versus Control: make a critical analysis of the debate, locating it in terms of policy and professional practice fo Approved Mental Health Professionals.

    Roles of AMHPs include making applications for guardianship, applications to displace nearest relatives as well as in making applications for compulsory admission to hospital for assessment or treatment (Brown, 2009). A ?nearest relative? can also make this application however as reflected in 4.28 of the COP (2008) usually an AMHP does. Different sections 2, 3, or 4 of the MHA detail the specific limitations placed on a ?patient?: Section 2 is compulsory admission for assessment (possibly followed by medical treatment), it is for up to 28 days and is not renewable; Section 3, compulsory admission for treatment (possibly without consent under s.

    • Word count: 3129
  2. Intervention and Theoretical Paper. This paper will highlight the interventions that are necessary for individuals with mental retardation and the developmental issues that are faced by these individuals.

    This process presumes the process of growth, which underlies the psychological functioning of the individuals with mental retardation (Glidden & Seltzer, 2009). According to Bouras & Jacobson(2002 ), there have been changes in the provision of care for individuals with mental retardation over the recent past. The recent developments, which have led to vital changes in addressing the problems with mentally retarded individuals with the aim of formulating the necessary intervention, have been moves towards integration, choice and participation for individuals who are suffering from mental retardation.

    • Word count: 1856
  3. Possible Weaknesses of the Mental Health Act 2007

    The practitioner has the power to return the patient to hospital, where the person may be forcibly medicated, if the medication regime is not being complied within the community (www.dh.gov.uk/en/Healthcare/Mentalhealth). I believe that the supervised community treatment has a number of strengths. One big strength is that it ensures that patients receive medical treatment. Secondly, we all know that some mental health illnesses need to be regularly monitored, for example, schizophrenia and severe depression. These patients can suffer psychotic episodes if they do not regularly take medications.

    • Word count: 1617
  4. Healthcare and The American People. Criticism of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    But the healthcare reform did not provide them with health coverage, it mandated that they buy coverage or face strict income tax implications. People who do not purchase health insurance face a penalty of up to two percent of their gross income collected by the Internal Revenue Service (Hamsher). If the IRS has to police the law and collect the fines, they will have to hire more agents to check every tax return and make certain the program and procedures are followed.

    • Word count: 1415
  5. Assuming you are a manager leading a change programme within the NHS, identify and discuss at least five (5) types of power that characterise the different stakeholders within the NHS. What are the main strengths and weaknesses in terms of power that you may possess as the manager?

    -The Government -Health professionals -Pharmaceuticals -Charities -Trade Unions The Government has political powers (Mayer, 2005) and full jurisdiction over the NHS. Even with criticism whatsoever they insinuate to do is done with other professionals suffering the consequences. The government proposed a strategy to amend administration costs by 33% (King?s Fund, 2011). The community and majority of the NHS staff were not content as it appeared it would concern patients and staff in many ways. Part of the managerial role is actively reprioritising, negotiating to find critical resources when needed and, crucially, maintaining and initiating major changes.

    • Word count: 2417
  6. How should the NHS make funding decisions about cancer drugs?

    They must take into account two key aspects; firstly the current government policy that can be found in the 2011 Department of Health ?Improving Outcomes: A Strategy For Cancer? and secondly the guidelines set out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), as it is there that decisions as to which drugs are available are made and guidelines as to how particular types of cancer are treated are developed (NICE, 2011). The latter institution is particularly pertinent as the introduction of the NHS Reform and Health Care Professions Act 2002 retrospectively legislated directions from the Secretary of State ensuring that PCT?s provided funding for every NICE approved drug.

    • Word count: 2615
  7. Give an account of the most significant theoretical issues which underpin the practice of counseling and use examples of how these issues can be addressed through counselling.

    Such counselling can help couples or even one of them to identify the causes of their problems in the marriage such as people with angry disposition or people with self-defeating thoughts. All such negative thoughts can be changed to curtail the growth of the intricate web of marital problems; problems that are often connected and budding. Marriage counseling can also address all sorts of feelings like sadness, love and people who feel insecure in their marriage. These arising problems are addressed.

    • Word count: 4940
  8. On October 1st 2007, the Disability Rights Commission was merged with the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission to form the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Does this merger have implications for services for Deafblind people with references to opinions and discussions of SENSE, Deafblind UK and one local authority?

    The civil rights model has not overhauled Britain?s disability policy, but rather has added new policy instruments to the existing social welfare model. While ostensibly serving the same ends, the mix of these policies paralyzes opportunity for many of Britain?s disabled. By examining specifically the performance of the new standards to employment incentives and practices for greater disabled participation, it becomes clear that the civil rights model, placed atop Britain?s social welfare structure for disability policy creates polarization of opposing starting points for real reform and therefore, produces mixed.

    • Word count: 2991
  9. An appraisal of a piece of research-based evidence relevant to healthcare practice - handwashing and nurses study.

    From the clinical question, key terms were picked in order to search for relevant data. Key terms such as ?student nurse? ?hand hygiene? and ?medical setting?, these then were used to search online databases such as Medline and PudMed. From this search produced the paper ? Hand hygiene practices: Nursing students? perceptions. Journal of Clinical Nursing (17, 14, Barrett, R., Randle, J. 2008 1851-1857).?Barrett et al study focuses on perceptions of hand hygiene practise in clinical settings held by nursing students. Furthermore investigates different factors that students hand hygiene practise and for future amendments to be made in hand hygiene training.

    • Word count: 2744
  10. An Introduction to Ocuppational Therapy and Reflections on My Learning.

    The way a professional footballer would carry out this occupation would differ to the way of a single mother on a low income, this would have obvious financial factors which would affect the occupation, the type of food cooked, the location of the occupation. There are also factors external to the individual which need to be taken into account, natural environments; rivers, countryside, mountains and weather. Built environments; roads, buildings, stairways and paths. There are also natural objects; animals, trees, rocks, grass and plants.

    • Word count: 2050
  11. Each year 1 million people die from malaria. Discuss whether these deaths are avoidable and what is being done to prevent and treat the infection

    Malaria is counted as the world?s most contagious disease; its reproductive number ranges from 10-3000, compared to that of H1N1 with a reproductive number of 3 (A. Perry, Lifeblood, page 12). One way of trying to prevent the spread of malaria is to shorten the life cycle of the mosquito, so that they cannot ingest and infect other organisms with the parasite. This is currently being done through environmental methods, as by removing the mosquito?s breeding grounds or not allowing the mosquitoes long enough to develop the parasite the spread of malaria can be slowed.

    • Word count: 2776
  12. Use of Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Cancer patients

    Therefore though hypnotherapy can be used for the treatment of a range of other ailments, even to the extent of curing clients, I would like to focus on what hypnotherapy can facilitate for cancer patients, even though such a course of treatment doesn?t allow for ?success? in the sense that other ailments might offer whereby a client can be cured of their illness. As a hypnotherapist is always important to be honest and realistic about the possibilities of the treatments you offer.

    • Word count: 1853
  13. During my current employment and project partnership palcement I have observed 4 children which have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Each of these children display very different problems on the spectrum however in social situations they tend to come together as language and social status is not a worry. I have become intrigued by their individuality and the need to study each very closely. An Autism Spectrum Disorder is diagnosed through an assessment which includes observing and meeting with the individual, their family and the external services working with them. Information is collated regarding the individual?s strengths and difficulties, particularly in the areas of social interaction and communication as well as restricted and repetitive interests, activities and behaviours.

    • Word count: 1210
  14. In this essay the author will discuss the role of biomedicine and social factors in the improvement of health status of the people

    The second one is, it treats body like a machine that can be repaired. As it overplayed the technological interventions it is known as technological imperative. Being neglecting the social and psychological factors, this acts as a reductionist. Finally by 19th century The Germ Theory was developed by the fact that every disease is caused by a specific agent, for example, parasites and viruses. Biomedicine claims its own knowledge is objective and scientific. By the development of biomedicine physicians became interested in specific body parts where the disease affected rather than its impact on the whole person (Hyde et al 2004).

    • Word count: 1894
  15. Texas State Insurance Exchange. The American Health Benefits Exchange and the Small Business Health Options Exchange will serve as central points of access to commercial health insurance for millions of individuals

    The American Health Benefits Exchange and the Small Business Health Options Exchange will serve as central points of access to commercial health insurance for millions of individuals and hundreds of thousands of small employers. (Carey) 1. Access to the American Health Benefit Exchanges will be limited to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. 2. Customers will be able to shop for various levels of coverage similar to other aspects of shopping. 3. Plans in the exchanges will be required to offer benefits that meet a minimum set of standards.

    • Word count: 2365
  16. Research conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) indicated that there were large discrepancies between young males and females(12-24 year old) rates for various health issues

    Mental disorders: Anxiety disorder rates in 2007 (16 -24 years) 15 per 100 9 per 100 22 per 100 1. Chronic conditions: Self-reported Asthma in 2007-08 (12-24 years) 11 per 100 11 per 100 11 per 100 1. Communicable diseases: All STIs rates in 2008 (12-24 years) 1045 per 100 000 706 per 100 000 1399 per 100 000 3 (a) STIs: Chlamydia rates in 2008 (12-24 years) 945 per 100 000 595 per 100 000 1295 per 100 000 A selection of important health measures & health outcomes for young Australians Overall Rates ? for all young Australians (AIHW 2011)

    • Word count: 1765
  17. The effect of the characteristics of the US health care system

    healthcare delivery system. It is defined as ?the ability of a person to receive health care services? [medicaldictionary.thary.com]. This falls under the characteristic of access being based on insurance and mode of payment. Access to care relies on the payment method and in a lot of cases the coverage and type of insurance a person has. Payment in a healthcare delivery system can come from a variety of places. These payments can be submitted either directly or indirectly to the medical treatment facility by the individual patient. Other methods are the payers of health services whether it is privatized insurance companies, the employers themselves or the government.

    • Word count: 1305
  18. There are many discussions against the use of health volunteers in medical tests as there are many risks involved they are exposed to.

    set of laws for the presentation of all explore studies involving human subjects. These institutions have the sole duty of enlightening the researchers on issues touching scientific integrity and research ethics. They are also mandated to carry out investigations pertaining scientific misconduct cases by the research organizations (Roles and responsibilities of institutions in human subject research (n.d.)). It?s the responsibility of the IRB to analyze and approve the clinical trials proposed by the research companies through carrying out investigations on the study sites to check whether they comply with the regulations of human safety and welfare of the research subjects.

    • Word count: 955
  19. Should an obese individual be treated by the NHS in the same manner a cancer patient would be treated?

    Primary cancer are different types of cancer which are identified as lung cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer etc. Whereas secondary cancer (or metastasis) is the result of the cancerous cells spreading, leading other tumours to develop at different places in the body. Nonetheless it is not curable however there are treatments offered to slow down the spread of the cancerous cell and control the pain ? shrinking the tumours that are pressing on the nerves. In particular bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer or colon cancer), which is a cancerous condition that affects the colon (large bowel)

    • Word count: 4933
  20. In this essay I will argue about how s*x selection may help parents with s*x linked diseases to have healthy children. Moreover, I will refute the claims that s*x selection leads to both a distortion in s*x ratio, and to the creation of designer babies.

    Moreover, I will refute the claims that s*x selection leads to both a distortion in s*x ratio, and to the creation of ?designer babies?. Gender selection can dramatically reduce the chances of transmitting a s*x linked disease to a child. s*x linked diseases, such as hemophilia and muscular dystrophy, are caused by mutations in genes carried on the X chromosome. According to Patrick Hopkins (1998), women are much less likely to suffer genetic diseases than men. Hopkins states that, on average, ?two of every thousand males would have the disease, but only 0.2 per cent of females would carry the defective gene and would not be sick? (Hopkins 1998:129).

    • Word count: 941
  21. Explain the role that different ideologies have played in the important developments in the NHS, and assess their arguments as to how the NHS should be reformed today.

    They wanted to create a more equal society through the redistribution of wealth. They wanted people to have access to healthcare on the basis of their needs, not on their ability to pay. (Brown, K, 2003) The New Right approach or also known as the Market Liberal approach, (which developed during the Conservative government between 1979 and 1997), this approached believed that the individual had the right and freedom to choose their welfare provisions and should have the responsibility of obtaining it through private sector. They were against the idea of providing welfare provisions for all through taxations.

    • Word count: 1942
  22. A reflection on practise - up the garden path as a midwife

    After the next few nights crying my eyes out, I was beginning to think the dream of midwifery would soon have to be over. I felt lost, weak and useless. Any little confidence that had previous been build up was now destroyed. All I could say aloud to the other half as I cuddled up to him feeling sorry for myself was ?But I?ve never had an issue with blood before...? He being truly male didn?t have anything much to say.

    • Word count: 1463

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