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AS and A Level: Films

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  1. Film studies, what I thought of "Twilight"

    She persists until she finds out why he?s being strange. Eventually he tells her the truth and it materialises he is a vampire, his family are vampires and most of them have powers. After getting to know each other for a short time they start to fall in love, but it?s not easy bringing Bella into the vampire world as many other vampires take a liking to Bella and the smell of her blood, so there are many issues and dilemmas along the way where Edward has to save and protect his beloved human.

    • Word count: 840
  2. An Ethical Review of the film "Gattaca"

    He has to take extreme measures in order to pursue his dream. Any slight mistakes would jeopardize his mission. Director Josef is also a stakeholder because after the murder of the Mission Director, he misleads the investigation held to avoid being a suspect himself. Another stakeholder is Jerome Morrow. As he ?lends? his identity to Vincent, he could be convicted for being an accomplice of Vincent if the authorities ever discover his act. CHARACTERS AND THEIR ETHICAL DILEMMA The main villain in the story is Director Josef because he committed a murder for self-interest.

    • Word count: 2257
  3. Crash Film Essay. The principal job of any film should be to please its viewers. To what extent do you agree with this view?

    ________________ The principal job of any film should be to please its viewers. To what extent do you agree with this view? 1: Engage: Relationship between Christine and Officer Ryan. Not pleasing, in fact very uncomfortable but demonstrates how people affect each other. Craft: Dialogue ? Not you ? anyone but you? Close ups on Christine?s face when she?s being abused, close ups on John?s face looking angry then the hand held camera, increasing tension, slow motion, canted angle shots, hero shot Evaluate: This relationship is intense and very angry? viewer left unsatisfied as to how we are supposed to

    • Word count: 2971
  4. A Beautiful Mind Essay. How the director shows the nightmare of schizophrenia.

    The use of dialogue, point of view, symbols and motifs helps to develop the idea of this nightmare. The use of point of view in A Beautiful Mind allows the audience to be involved in the mind of John Nash. Finding out that people, places and moments are in fact not real is the nightmare of a schizophrenic mind. Subjective point of view is used for the majority of A Beautiful Mind, this allows the viewers to see John Nash?s life in the way he experiences it. The camera points in the same direction in which Nash looks in.

    • Word count: 828
  5. The tale of Quetzalcoatl and Mel Gibson'sfilm "Apocalypto".

    In the tale of Quetzalcoatl, Quetzalcoatl?s is greeted unpleasantly by the presence of Tezcatlipoca, the antagonist. During the story, Quetzalcoatl promoted the skill of crafts and the sacrifice of breads, flowers, and perfumes in opposition to the skill of war crafts and the sacrifice of tearing the hearts out of men and women. However, Tezcatlipoca upheld those practices of hostility that Quetzalcoatl disapproved of. Through this, there is a clash of cultures. During the ball court segment of the story, Tezcatlipoca transformed himself into a jaguar whereas Quetzalcoatl had fled. The cultures of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca are in total opposition.

    • Word count: 658
  6. The film "Remember the Titans", directory by Boaz Yankin is a film focused on the major social problem of racism.

    Using the visual techniques of the motifs of windows I was able to become attentive of the existing barrier between the two races and how significant it was during the 1970?s .We are first introduced to this motif when Boone and his family are moving into the white neighbourhood. Through the window of a white family?s house we see a point of view shoot looking through a murky and shadowy window on a black family who are moving into the neighbourhood.

    • Word count: 1381

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